Speed , health, and hit boosts

There is something thing wrong here… I’m getting beat by numerous players that are several player levels lower than me not to mention their dinosaurs are on the average 3 levels lower than mine. These new perks you have Introduced has either been hacked or something. I played everyday for hours and have been since the beginning of this game. And get all the offered bonus doing all the quest. There is now way that the low level players should mathematically be able to beat my team. I’ve looked at their stats while fighting. Their boosts are at lv 6 and 7. How is that possible with the buy cap put in place and you nurfed the boosts. Also I believe you said that you refunded the players money back who were able to buy more then their share of 25 boosts packs. I feel if you cant fix this you are doing your loyal players who have been here for years a huge disservice. Wasted time and money. Please fix/ look into this please. I’m very frustrated. I just want fair play that’s all. I dont want to feel like I’ve wasted my time and money.! My team is on the bottom. All these guys are boosted at least 6 to 7 levels mine are at most 3.please explain. Screenshot_20190603-040115_JW%20Alive|236x500 Screenshot_20190603-040105_JW%20Alive Screenshot_20190603-040051_JW%20Alive Screenshot_20190603-040027_JW%20Alive


Wrote about that some weeks ago.


@Robert_Davis When they reset boosts they give us cash back, with which we could buy boosts again. Speed was available to purchase 3 times, while attack and defense were available 20 times. Some got lots of cash, while some not much.

Sadly now is either boost your team or get used to losing.
Most important are speed boosts as often who start first decide the match outcome.

Ludia currently aren’t selling boosts. I like this situation. Whether you boycotted the boosts and got 0 got all 43 or somewhere inbetween it’s better than daily sales.

Wish the forum would go quiet on this. Just don’t want Ludia rethinking selling. It can easily be much worse.

Wish all you like if I’m angry about something I will voice my opinion. Not my intention to upset others but if it does that’s on you. All I’m say is that I dont think it’s right for a player such as myself playing the game since the beginning, buying VIP every month and buying incubators every so often with a team of lv 24 dinosaurs, player lv 20 getting wrecked by a fairly newer player lv 16-18 with a team of dinosaurs 2-4 levels lower then mine. Its frustrating big time. I did buy a few of the boost incubators but I guess I missed out on the good buying due to a death in the family. Dont seem right doing the loyal players dirty like this. Again not my intention to offend or upset anyone.

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I think they should put the boosts back on sale but a carryover from the last time meaning if you bought 3 speed boosts already, you don’t get any more. Make available the boosts you could have bought the first time around for all the other players to get it more even.

I would be ok with that. Or take them all away.

I would b ok with that as well…its taking forever to save them up…

Yes it is. I have the same problem.