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Speed increase

If a creature is using a speed decrease to take down an enemy with low hp, that creature should have a speed increase against the next creature

Call it Lasting speed

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This is already the case, as the creature increased its speed which won’t just go away (for no reason) when new enemy creature comes-in.

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He’s talking about moves like thagomizer, that slow the opponent. He says the next creature should also be affected by that speed reduction.
Which ofc it’s nuts


And we’re back to the “instant death” suggestion :wink::see_no_evil:

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Sense this makes not.

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This is like asking for a stun to work on a creature that hasn’t been hit by a move, Ex: if you knocked out a dino with a stunning move then the next creature that comes in is stunned. These suggestions don’t make sense, you need to be hit by the move first so the effects can be applied, not carried over from something knocked out.


Just NO, no no no NO.

Makes as much sense as wanting any extra damage inflicted beyond what was necessary to eliminate the last creature be applied to the next creature. We’ve all had that crit land on a nearly eliminated creature!

No, this makes no sense.

When I do it for example using Utarinex with a creature I’m am going to take down, I think the traits of that move should carry on, think it would be interesting and make the match flow better than another creature just coming in with a higher speed, perhaps if only certain creatures had it and not creatures with thagomizer but decrease speed 1 move

Do you understand the concept of a debuff? The opponent gets a wound or something, which makes them unable to be quick. If it dies, the next dino is at full health, has no wound, and should therefor be fresh and quick.
Why would a new full health dino be crippled?


There’s an important difference between buffs and debuffs.
For moves like Minimal Speedup Strike, this would make sense. The point of debuffs is they affect the opponent that they hit, and the point of buffs is they affect the user (with the exception of Mutual Fury).

You can’t build a setup (that “flow” you’re talking about) out of debuffs: that’s what buffs are for. You pile them up over a few turns and, if used correctly, you can smash through entire teams.
Utarinex isn’t really a setup dino. Try using something like Erlidom, Tryo or even Gorgosuchus.

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There are moves that already do something similar to what you’re asking… speed buffs. I think those do the job just fine personally


Then add instant distraction last for whole team.

That one’s called 1.8 dodge

There are moves that affect the player’s dinosaurs and those that affect the opponent’s dinosaur. They affect the dinosaur, not the player or the team. When the dinosaur dies any affects on the dinosaur die with it.

You wouldn’t want an opponent’s speed up buff, dodge, or shield to carry from one dinosaur to the next.

Until the day they do Team Buffs (which hopefully is never) the affects will always die with the dinosaur they have afflicted.


What we really need is to apply the unused portion of an attack that kills a Dino to damage the next one :roll_eyes:

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What did I just read lol… don’t use thagomizer or a move of that nature to finish off an opponent :joy::man_facepalming:t2: