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Speed Indicator, another voice

I’m sure you’re deluged with this complaint. I see it a few times here in the forums and I imagine the emails. But I had to add my voice.

The speed indicator problem is outrageous. I mean, Ludia is putting a great deal of effort into new features, which is wonderful. But why is this basic fight element still broken? Comparing two numbers is literally the simplest thing that you can do in code. If value speed_P1 > speed_P2 put the yellow thing under P1.

It really messes up game play, especially when I’m playing the more fun battles with sophisticated/experienced players. And I do not think it is a feature you should ditch. It is essential to know who has the edge, and the math is too obscured for players to keep track of in ten seconds. The indicator is key. Please please please, make it happen. Scores of previous games have made similar features work. Let’s go with this already.

This is the only game like this I’ve put a little money into, $5 or $10 here and there. There is no way I’m putting any more forward until it’s fixed. It’s just too frustrating. And that’s so sad because it’s an otherwise FANTASTIC game.


theyd rather we do the math in our heads…:man_shrugging:

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I NEVER had problems with speed before the indicator, cause I just looked at the opponent’s stats. And after some time I memorized them, like most of us… But after the indicator was added, it made me commit mistakes a few times :joy:


My math grades have significantly improved since the calculator bugs were introduced

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I’m good at a lot of things. On-the-fly arithmetic isn’t one of them. Also, my eleven-year-old is getting annoyed.

I get it. We can do it in our heads in a few seconds while also deciding our next move and thinking three moves ahead. But, a functioning indicator would be quite nice.

i believe they stated, just in this past week, that they are looking into it.

which i suspect is code for, we have no idea why this is happening.

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They’ve been stating that since it started months ago.

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There is nothing more frustrating than fighting a dino where it says the speed advantage has been transferred to you only to find out it actually has not. This is even in some cases where I have used slow-down on another dino. Here I am thinking “no way I am losing this one” only to have the other dino get off the next shot. This has been an issue for months on Android and would love to see if fixed in the next version. I am not talking about priority moves here, these are regular attacks. I do check the speed and attack of all dinos I am battling BTW - but it is still an issue.

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