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Speed is still the only king


If your opponent has Utahsinoraotor and Pyrriaptor and you do not then you lose. It is as simple as that.

Armor is supposed to beat speed and Pyr has AP attack and Utah has instant charge.

Talk about OP crap.


What? :smiley: I always beat Utasinoraptor with my Stegodeus. It is about tactic, mate.


The OP isn’t aware that the raptor meta is over. Yet another roster full of raptors to throw on the bonfire…


Pyrirritaror is awful. Utah is better now since the instant charge delay was cut to 1 but still not OP.


You need to level your counter-raptors way up, then. Slowdown is certain death for most raptors.


Actually, you can easilly defeat Pyrritator with every dino with superiority strike, used in turn one, then finish her with your strongest attack.
For what concern Utasinoraptor, best counter I think is Monomimo but if you don’t have her, you need to play strategically with the 4 dinos of your roster.

Talking about speed, this is really important in this game but it is not that simple: “I am faster so I’ll win in any case”.


Agreed. Speed isn’t always your friend, especially if you can’t one-shot an opponent. Their second shot will most likely slow you down, and then your raptor is toast.


This is one of those types of game where you have to always think one or two moves ahead of your opponents.

Is my opponent going to swap before my next attack?

If you ask yourself this, the answer is probably a yes. Look at your deck, and decide on a counter to the most likely dino type they will switch to. If the one you’re currently using can be used as a counter, then swapping isn’t necessary.

Every dino has a logical pattern to their atracks, based on cooldowns, so learn them. Expect the unexpected, though. Not every player you encounter will stick to the pattern.

Rage quitters fall into two categories: Victims of botched deck setup, and Over-competitive “Über-gamers”. The second category is the worst. Thank the game gods we don’t have in-game chat, or we’d be having to sit through Fortnite-level trash talking.


I love oneshot indoraptors and the next dino whit my pyrritator


Yeah and is yours not like level a million? :joy::joy:


Yeah tator not bad at all. Nothing wrong with x4 dmg in two turns. Not counting it destroys magna too. There’s a reason why it was moved to the apex tier of metahub. Just don’t be stupid and throw it in vs status controlled. Also can take out stronix


My dinos eat Raptors for breakfast.


Anyone should have dino’s That can take out speed sweepers. Or your team composition may be lacking


You use them in oppertunities of there own strong suits. You can have dino’s That can take out a speed sweeper. But will they be in your hand all the time? Perhaps die in battle early to face one late game


I just dont open whit it cause 90% i face a stegodeus, just wait the opponwnt bring his indoraptor and kill my dino and then i go whit pyrritator, i usually start whit distracting rampague and then rtc, indoraptor rampage dont kill me cause half dmg and if he do evasive i have 50% to oneshot him.
If indoraptor is like half life when i go whit pyrritator i use first rtc cause he will do 100% sure evasive, giving me free crit and dmg.
If i use rtc first and oneshot ibdoraptor whit first skill i have distracting rampage bufed to oneshot next dino whit a 5k crit xd.
Nobody expect a lvl 22 pyrritator in top 100 guys, so they bring his slow and dmg dealers dinos so happy, and then raptor eat they


Actually, I’m about to remove both Pyrritator and Utahsinoraptor from my team. Pyrritator is a bit of guess work on when to use RTC and once it gets slowed down it’s as good as dead unless it is high level enough to have the hp to sustain another hit. Utahsinoraptor is great but its hp is on the low side and while Instant Charge is useful to help you get one extra shot in if you do get slowed down but if that doesn’t work you are also gone for sure. Base on my experience, a battle between Allosinosaurus and Utahsinoraptor of the same level the former will actually win


I have a level 27 Velociraptor on my team and I don’t think I’ve met a Pyrritator or Utasinoraptor that it can’t drop in one pounce. It’s not always the ideal choice to have in certain matches, but it has done a lot of damage to teams too.


I can hurt a pyroraptor with my brachio. They tend to like to pounce first then do bleed, then pounce. So I use the shield thing first to slow them down, and then rampage, then cleanse. And VRaptors and other pyros one shot them.


Had some guy swap in his utahsinoraptor on my stegosaurus tonight. Superiority strike x2, and one thago later… he was down to 35 hp. He swapped to a different dino, and never went back to the utahsino. He must have just fused it, because it looked like he had no clue how to use it properly. Speed can kill… you. LOL


Hmmm… maybe they named it wrong. :thinking: