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Speed Issues

Why an Erlidominus level 21 is faster than a 22?
I was winning 2-1 he killed my wounded Dino with minimal speed up strike (2-2) and I selected my Erli one level above, hes lower level went first !
I had still indo left …

How can that happen?

Minimal speed up strike. That means it’s speed is now 10% faster and therefore faster than you. In fact that is the entire point of that move.


Say what u typed out loud to urself. It will all make sense. “He killed my wounded dino with MINIMAL SPEEDUP STRIKE”


129 +12.9 = 141.9 .



Lol, I messed it up badly!

We all do it sometimes! Just remember that the MSS move is a great revenge killer to be set up to be faster than anything else that comes out. So you’ll know next time and might be able to use it yourself! :smiley:

Thank you !