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Speed Kills --- Your Game Too

So now that I’ve been on both sides of the fence from a none boosted team being eaten alive to now a boosted team that just ate another team alive.

Speed kills. This is the big killer. It is frustrating when an ultra sped Thor tears through your team and as a nice guy, whose conscience gets killed a bit to rip through a non boosted team mostly because of the speed boost. I would prefer fair matches. I think I had only one.

I just about said screw it to any more PvP after being eaten alive, 3 battles in a row to sped dinos to then turn around and eat my opponent alive due to my now sped dinos.

This is very, very game killing unbalance. Like I say, mostly due to speed more than the hit point or damage boosts. How many people are just going to say screw it and quit?

You need to tone down (nerf) the speed boosting to 1 to 3 speed points per tier. My expectation for all boosts is that it was suppose to give your dino’s an edge. These should not be making them OP speed demons that could give them first hit on any none boosted dino in the game.

This boost thing was a good idea. It’s just the amounts you can boost, especially in speed, is way too much. You may even want to tone down the hit point and damage boost slightly where tier 10 is 25 or 30% more in hit points and damage. That is still worth working for.


The very first thing I said when I read about the boosts in the 1.7 Release Notes was this… That the idea was interesting, but this +100 speed is too much and it will unbalance everything. They probably didn’t want to offer boosts to armor 'cause they thought it would create monsters. Well, guess what… Speed is even worse.

It amazes me that I (and others) realize that in the first time we read about it but no one of the developers couldn’t see this coming… or if they did and thought this would be GREAT, it’s even worse…


Agreed. This is a part of a post from 18 days ago, when the patch notes released.

It was foreseeable for sure.

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Speed boosts should be removed completely. They create all that mess we have in the game. Even 10% increase can make slow dino really fast. i.e. when you boost 109 speed dino you can make it 120! It’s too much.