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Speed questions

Hi have a question to the communtiy

I used alanqua and my opponent uses the epic turtle
My alanqua use shield for two rounds and epic turtle hits me with superior vulnerability.
In the next round my Alanqua uses superiority strike an the turtle use superior vulnerability.

How is it possible that the turtle have the same speed like my Alanqua in the next round and hits devastation first?

Did he use dig in the turn before yours came in?

A carbo at 60% speed is pretty much the same as an alanqa at 50% speed

When turtle use dig in, he has 114,4 speed and -50% of slowing is 57,2 speed a alanqua with 124 - 50% got 62 speed at the end.

So dont understand why both should have been the same speed

Dig in has a 10% speed boost. -50% + 10%= -40%. So it’s about 62.4 speed for carbo, which rounds down to 62

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