Speed Tie Fix Suggestion

Since speed ties are such a problem at times, I would suggest that in a case of a speed tie, both creatures make the chosen move even if one player hits their button faster.

This will be somewhat like raids where even though the raid boss has no health at the end of a round, it still does its attack.

In many cases, each players creature will take the other player creature out in the one turn. Also in many cases, this will cause a DRAW at the end of the game where both players get 3 takedowns and neither get an incubator.

Another factor of this change would be it will help games to go a little faster. The faster is made up with draws so you may have to play more games to fill your incubator slots if this is your goal. For those who just want their daily takedowns, draws can speed things up for you. Where you may have lost the speed tie and only gained 2 takedowns, this can get you 3 takedowns.

In one case, this speed tie change will not work is with healers. If an attacker and healer are the same speed, in this case if the attacker picks faster over the healer and put the healers hit points to 0, the healer cannot heal. If the healer hits the heal faster than the attacker, the healer will heal and then the attacker will go 2nd. In this case, the player creatures are still the same speed and in the next round, they may still take each other out, unless one swaps.

For the most part this will solve the unfair advantage 100Gb fiber players with Ipads may have over someone with an old, slow 4g phone. My Ipads hooked to my 50Gb service always beat my phones in friendly battles when I pressed the moves at the exact same time in a speed tie situation.


I would welcome any changes to speed tie. I am on 1gb fiber and I had never won any speed tie maybe because I’m in south east Asia.


So both creatures attack, but even if a creature has 0 hp it only dies after it uses an attack?

If this is case what about speed ties where both creatures have full hp and both want to use a different like 2 cunning’s using rampage. How would you determine who goes first in that senario?

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This is a perfect suggestion. Less RNG is always welcome

As if the effects happen afterward for both creatures?

Say, with the cunning attack of 1,000, both will get hit by 1,000, then both will have reduced damage after that.

For a 100% stun attack, both will be stunned.

I think it’s a great idea. However, I still think speed should take a role in the battles. Something like if the speed difference is less than 1 second, then both moves happen, or else the faster one acts first. Or make the threshold to 2 seconds to minimize the effect from regional differences.