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Speed tie in Tourament

For tournaments like the current one (hybrid epic, rare, lvl 26, no boost), the selection of squad is limited and speed tie usually determines the result. Player like me sitting at the far end of the world is having huge disadvantage. I had not won one single speed tie. My action count down often starts from 13 seconds instead of the full 15 seconds. Although I’m on a 1Gbps fiber connection and using a iPhone 11 Pro Max.
I recall there is a poll sometime early to adjust speed tie to be more fairer (i.e., if you won the first speed tie, then you’ll lose the next). But the reason it is rejected is for normal battles that some player may want purposefully act later (i.e., tryko vs tryko for instant distraction). But this does not applies to tournament. I wish speed tie can be reworked for this purpose.

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