Speed tiebreakers broken


So level 21 indoraptor 128 speed vs level 21 utahraptor 128 speed. No debuffs. Every time utahraptor goes first. I even input attack had to wait 5s for them to select and they still go first. Utahraptor kills indoraptor in an even 1v1 battle even though indoraptor should go first and kill utahraptor. Please fix your tiebreaker system and please update ability text. Tired of seeing incorrect ability info like 1 turn cooldown when it’s really 4 turn and delays that aren’t listed.

“Speed Ties are resolved as follows: Unmodified highest speed breaks ties (i.e. excluding buff/debuffs); If same, highest level breaks tie; If same, highest rarity breaks tie; If same, tiebreaker is determined by the first player to input action.”

Speed issue

Hey Gulgoth, thanks for writing in. There are a lot of factors which can have an influence on which dinosaur goes first in battle such as, which ability is selected and the dinosaur’s stats.

There are also mentions on the forums of cooldowns for certain abilities here:Please fix skill description and icons

If you’re still having any other issues, contact our support team here support+forums@ludia.com with your support key. However, there might be a slight delay for them to get back to you as our team have been getting a lot more tickets than anticipated.


Tiebreaker for same/same should be a coin toss on every turn.


utahraptor has no priority skill. i gave a specific instance with all relevant details. same speed. same level. indoraptor beats utahraptor for rarity so i should have gone first. utah went first 2 turns in a row even though indo should have gone first and indo even put move in first.


I have the same issues and I think the “many factors contribute” argument Ludia gives is nonsense. If there are factors then they should be readily apparent to us. But I can say that 9/10 if not more, when I meet a same level raptor head to head they go first. We’re both always going to use pounce or this would be a moot point.


Okay do I just faced a stegodeus using my indominus rex, both dinos have the same speed but I couldn’t move first even though I know I picked the move first because it was still waiting to move.


Was it the same level as yours? Hitting the attack first only works for same speed dinos if they are the same level


Probably wasn’t the same level, cant remember and cant find the guy who I battled cause hes not showing up


Okay just had a issue where my tragodistis which is a lvl 17 just got out speed my another lvl 17 tragodistis and I know I hit the move first because there was like a 10 second wait time which they haven’t chosen a move and my trag didn’t receive any speed reduction moves so that eliminates that, lost the game because of it


that might be a bg or that might be about your lag. were your connection strong as this happened


Yeah full connection, I knew that the moves are based on timing so as soon as the move shown where I can tap it I did instantly and they was a delay because the opponent didn’t choose a move yet


in that case yea that is a problem that should be looked at