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Speed tied dinos DOING MY HEAD IN

The system Ludia has in place for dealing with speed tied dinos is stupid (Same dinos in events mostly). Whoever has the lowest ping wins. Why not make it into a quick mini game in itself where SKILL factors in? Have an oscilating “speed” bar, tap the screen to stop the bar and the closest to the mark wins and goes first. Think of how the power bar in most golf games works.


I’d prefer it to be an actual 50/50 chance in such an instance. It would be fairer I think.


Since 2018, i will never win any of the equal-level tourney due to my always slow speedtie issue where no matter what, i will lose. And in our current arena/seasonal board, i have to ridiculously make my dinos speed always far beyond others just because of this speedtie issue of mine.

in other words, ive to invest more than those ’always win speedtie’ guys just to achieve the same desire effect/win the speedtie. Tired and more $$$ spent
@Ned Please help inform game developer make speedtie an RNG. Rather than tap-tap-tap war or “whose wifi faster” guy win. I had request and stress on this matter in many speedtie post alredy. Its an unfair game

This speedtie post maybe alredy the 10th post of same topic made by us. Nothing new


So much this, myself and many alliance members are in Australia, so if I win a speed tie I imagine it’s cause I’m playing another Aussie or the person messed up. Please make it 50/50 RNG for arena and tournaments. I know RNG is bad in some cases, but for speed ties I’d rather have a chance to win then know I’m screwed cause I lose them all.

Yea, make it 50/50 like flip coin. So both players can have equal chance win speedtie. I dont mind lose speedtie with this technique. At least i feel happy.
This speedtie-need-RNG issue is more important rather than busy determining the percentage of that dodge/evasive RNG that they so concern about everytime


That was exactly the idea I had - as you say, just like a golf game :+1:

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No plz no RNG. Then I will lose everytime.
The current system isn‘t overwhelming and I lose sometimes but with Wi-Fi I had way better chances than with 50/50. 50/50 could mean that I‘d lose every time.

Then I‘d definitely prefer suggestions with skill mini games to decide. Like that in the first post.

Lol, right. Delete my posts so noone sees your incompetence. Like anyone needs my posts for that :man_facepalming:

Care to at least tell me what rule I broke exactly?

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This is the very reason that I won’t enter the so called skill based tournaments.
My ‘ping’ is so slow and I lose every speed based tie.
So it’s nothing to do with skill at all, and since pretty much every ‘skill’ based tourney has almost the same eight dinos being used, these ties occur in pretty much every match up.
As much as I hate the boosts and the way they were implemented, at least they had a positive effect on speed ties.


I want two dices showing up… highest dice roll win… ooor rock paper scissor mini game hahah


Nah, this is as fair as we can get. The game doesn’t need any more randomness.

There is nothing fair in competitive gaming where ones location leads to a distinct advantage in skill based tournaments… add to that a faster phone will load buttons faster and also give an advantage.

Location and device should have zero factors in a turn based game.


My Ipad always beats my phone even if I have both connected to the wifi.

Dodging and crits yes randomness is not good when someone dodged 3 turns in a row, they’re working on that whether good or bad. Speed ties where location decides the victor is crap especially with equal level tournaments where they are a given, why should people always lose speed ties cause of location. This is a good use of randomness.


RNG is always fair. I’ve also always wanted speed ties to be RNG based, because then everyone would have an equal chance at winning, but something skill based would be fine too.
As for anyone who says the current system is fair…wow. I have no words.

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You wouldn’t be saying that after ten speed ties in a row that you lose out on!

The first ‘skill’ based tournament proved this for me. I have never won a speed based battle, not even a friendly battle.

Whether it’s because the UK is a black spot, or out here in the middle of the countryside is slow, I just don’t know, but even on my WiFi I never get the magic ping.

I would far rather see a system that doesn’t punish the player because they aren’t on a good ping with Ludia servers.


Gotta love censorship


I have to disagree. I do like RNG as it adds an element of randomness that I feel is lacking in battles. However, I take the point in general but with speed ties I really feel that it needs to be fair to both sides and have an equal 50/50 chance when both dinosaurs are tied perfectly.


I can totally see why you were banned after reading this post.

Lol, good one