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Speed ties all time

Speed ties all the time, that game isnt playable…


Invest speed boosts on ur best creature

Likely he means tournament

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Then it’s purely bad luck…I prefer choosing dino with highest speed in case of tourneys like velociraptor…

Speed shouldn’t be based on rank like it used to be at launch, it should have a larger spread such that each creature can have unique speed. Remember at launch that most creatures didn’t speed tie, they almost all had unique speeds. It’s only with new additions that speed ties have become so common. Obviously in a ditto match you have no choice, but there’s nothing you can do about that

Speed should only be a option between 1-5 levels.

The speedster will always have their purpose, and chompers could have a good counter.

Then stegodeus have a purpose and probably most dinos aswell.

Speed have destroyed the ability to play dinos.

In fact. Speed is the main purpose why the company have lost so many players!