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Speed ties are broken

So I am connected to perfect internet with no ping, and ever since this weekends tournament I have 0 chance to win a speed tie, no matter how fast I click the button… I can click the button the moment it pops up and it’s like opponent got chose their move already. I don’t understand it. But it sure does kill match making!

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I hate the “quickest input” method too. But what else could it be? RNG? Just a 50/50 chance?

I have no clue… I just don’t understand, before this weekends tournament I’ve always had great luck winning speed ties, now I don’t stand a chance. Gotta be something better than whoever gets to tap 1st though.

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why was that flagged?

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Wow, who exactly is flagging the comments?!

Apparently you can say squirrel but you cant say what kind of squirrel… :man_facepalming: Good job there L…

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As someone leaving on he other side of he world I can just agree with you. In skill tournament more than 50% of my lost are because of a * speed tie.

I’m not even trying anymore, just launching fight and logging out, after like 10 times I usually got the 10 takedown and can stop

I was warned for using foul language. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

50/50 for the first one then alternate back and forth. No reason 1 person should claim every speed tie. And as it alternates you can still plan your attacks somewhat since you know if you’ll lose or win the speed tie.

Seeing this game has a countdown for players to make their moves, it makes sense to award the move to the player who makes a faster decision(faster reflex), in event of a speed tie and all things being equal.
But the distance/location of players makes the above pt moot. If its up to me I would say both dinos shld take the damage accordingly. Not sure if this can be done, but its the fairest outcome imo.


Only way to make speed to press fair would be speed to your client, send that to the server, and compare those speeds before determining the winner. I’d rather something more instantaneous than that. Even if it were both dinos get to act. Without any of the effects taking hold until next turn.

Well got my 10 in the tournament and I’m done… once again speed ties determine matches and opponent gets to pick an hour before me…

Its actually not guaranteed to alterenate between the creatures in a speed tie, theres been multiple times when either me or the opponent won the speed time twice in a row.