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Speed ties are massively unfair!

Speed ties are massively unfair! If you’re from Moscow or Singapore, you’ll never win a speed tie against a skilled battler from Toronto. Speed disadvantage can be more than 2/10 sec in some places!

Ludia, please change the speed ties! Can you use AI to balance speed? If not, making it random who goes first at least would be fair. Or maybe other options? Now it’s anything but fair and needs change!

These at ping times from different locarions to Ludia.


Totally agree - found an implementation of something I have been suggesting for months … Board Kings (tapjoy offer) has a little mini game (for want of a better word) where you get a horizontal bar with a circle on it - another circle bounces back and forth along the bar and you have to tap to stop it - the closer it is to the circle the better the prize. Give each speed tied player that and have the closest to the circle go first. Simple.

That said I would take RNG over the current method.

Edit: the thing that most shows speed ties at the moment are a joke is when players deliberately put on the same creature because they know their proximity to the servers gives them the edge.


I have always said that it should be the one time RNG is seriously considered. it would make much more sense to have a random result determine a tie.


they already sent a a poll to vote.

the result ended almost every one was happy with the speedtie system.

because alternative options were just even wors e

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Now THIS, this I can 100% agree of! Speedties are very unfair for the people who live in Australia and for people who have completely garbage wifi, at this point I don’t even blame myself for a speedtie lost because I know for a FACT that the player who I just faced has a house exactly beside Ludia and have Wifi that can go faster than a cheetah.

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@Pirulass You are talking about poll, that many of us couldn’t participate, right?

Then speedties wasn’t such a big problem. Then they introduced “speedtie” bug, where server don’t recognizes your actions. I’m experiencing this bug only with speeties. So I’m purposely losing speedties (not that I would win it against player from Canada), that I can play normally without restarting in middle of the match. Upcoming tournament is worst, as have most speedties, due to very low number of eligible creatures.

They really need to find better solution for speedties.

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I agree it is not a fair system but … don’t know which system will be better.

even if random is settled I fear people will feel it unfair system

What if both creatures attack at the same time if both press the botton?
It would be funny to see both of them dying ar the same

I think Ludia can at least reduce the current speedtie system to only cases where both players swap at the same time. In cases where one dino is already on the battleground, it should naturally be considered faster in a speedtie. This will reduce significantly the importance of device/connection/geolocation in a turn-based game where these shouldn’t matter in the first place…

Well It works for wi-fi battles in pokemon and i don’t see players complaining so why not jwa

I never win speed tie… At least use mini game for it like charge move on pokémon go

Hmm … I always thought it was whoever chose a move first. I usually won when I click really fast but I sometimes lose. I guess it makes since due to me living in the new york local time despite bing several states away, making it the second fastest but occasionally being able to be beaten. That is unfair, poor cape town but it seems that it isn’t even the worst.

This suggestion still has some bad situations but I would be perfectly fine with a “who went first last time? Well, you go last this time” implementation.
It would open up for mindgames, in Yoshi vs Yoshi.

A Yoshi vs Yoshi matchup.
Player 1 decides to not win the speed tie by not pressing anything. Both Yoshis go Null Strike but the opponent pressed the attack, so now next turn player 1 has the speed advantage. He can now either go Rampage or Null strike.
Player 2 has to consider this and either go Rampage or Evasive Stance. If he goes Evasive and dodges the Rampage from player 1, he won’t gain the speed advantage as Evasive is an instant move but he’ll dodge enough damage from the Rampage to kill player 1 two turns later with Null, Null.
In short, anyone who goes first will always go last on the next turn. Including instant moves, unless you gain the speed advantage through a speed up move, like Sidestep.

This would go for every creature. So in the case of Rixis vs Rixis, the loop of going Immobilize, Stun, Fimpact wouldn’t work as it does now(I dislike that loop anyways, so…) as the Rixis using Immobilize wouldn’t be the first to attack on turn 2. It would actually completely mess up the cycle of Rixis vs Rixis matchups.
If you use Immobilize, your opponent goes first next turn, opponent goes Stun and it lands, but now you’re faster because the opponent went first last time. In the end, the use of Immobilize will stop being a stepping stone to getting your Stun and Fimpact back online and rather a move to remove buffs faster(Fimpact, PFS, etc) and stop creatures from leaving. Redundant with its No Escape, yes, but Ludia didn’t really think when they added No Escape to the crocs without changing Immobilize.

Anyways, enough talk. Ludia won’t ever change speedties anyways, so what’s the point of discussing it. Speedties is singlehandedly the worst thing about “skill” tournaments right now but bad enough to change? Nah.

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The best solution in my opinion was the one I saw here on the forum somewhere in the past. The guy suggestion was simple and I think its good one and easy even for programmers to implement it in the game. Both creatures perform their move in the same time.

RNG would be even worse. At the moment, if you are from one of the high latency countries, you can at least know that you’ll go second and use it to your advantage. I agree it has to change but in different way than RNG

Indeed , if speed ties are gonna remain the way it currently is… they might aswell rename ”skill tournaments ” to advantage ones aswell​:joy::joy::-1: