Speed ties are not dependent on where u live

I decided to test how speed ties work,I found out that they are more dependent on your phone and internet.so I decided call my friend who lives in monteral and have a friendly match,I olive in Singapore for reference I used my Asus rog phone 5 ultimate and he used his brothers iPhone 13,then he used his red magic 7 pro and I used my girlfriends iPhone 13-mini.he won.Internet connectivity is also a problem because mobile data and wifi have different performance enchantments and how far the towers are.so basically if u have a gaming phone u are more likely to win speed ties if ur opponent doesnt have a gaming phone.

Ludia hq is in Montreal, so much closer to your friend than you. You kinda just proved that location matters


I’m pretty sure speed ties are based first off of level. If you are a higher level you are faster. Then its based off of rarity. If you are apex and opponent is not you are faster. Then it is based off of random 50/50 if both are apex with same level.

Not really,it also depends on your phone

Ofc, internet matters too, but it’s still 80% location based. You can have the best phone running 5G and you’ll still lose speedties if you’re up against someone closer to Montreal. I live in Australia and lose ties to many people with worse internet than mine just because they’re closer to ludia hq


It does,but then again if u have a slower phone like a iPhone 5than u will lose even if u live in ludia hq,pretty sure wifi is a more important factor than location,but I need to do some more tests like using vpns.also wuick question is using a vpn considered gps spoofing?

VPNs don’t improve your speedties, they make them slower. Your input needs to travel to the location in the VPN first and then to ludia hq, which makes it slower than not using a VPN


No,I’m just using a vpn for Netflix,but will I get banned for using it.I turned it off for the testing because it was a extra variable

I doubt it, but a staff member can probably clear this up

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Ok thanks,turns out that locations is a big factor for speed ties,like u said,but what phone u r using is also a factor because I teste it out with his iPhone 6 and I won.I think the speed ties consist of 50% location,25% phone type and 25% wifi speed.the percentage may be wrong but u can tell me ur findings. If u want to

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Speed ties are determined by level, rarity then response time to the server (ping time). Response time to the server is a factor of your location, internet connection and the quality of the device you are using. If I remember correctly using a VPN is against ToS, so you might get your account ban/suspended/deleted and it will slowdown your ping time anyway.

You gotta love skill tournaments with players like you. :slight_smile:

Hey @Allan_Joseph, Yes, you can get banned for using a VPN, so I suggest you do not turn it on for testing! :grimacing:


I play friendlies with my friend who lives on the west coast, and I live on the east coast… 99% of the time if I don’t click insanely fast I go first

I’m one of the rare persons who usually win speed ties. I also live 5 hours away from Montreal so I think it has more to do with where you live.
The only times I loose speed ties are if I have lag or don’t click fast enough.

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Do you think we are stegos (nut sized brain), its like that whit evry game, if u play cod mobile in a loow end device it wil crash or have delay, if it is on a gaming phone wil run smooth. (No one needs to be clever to know how it works)