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Speed ties come down to best internet

Hey Ludia…any way you can make speed ties actually fair? As of now it just comes down to who has the fastest internet connection. I havent won a speed tie in…weeks. Its incredibly frustrating to sit there and wait for my move options to show up while I KNOW my opponent has already had time to select their move.

Is it possible to make it so the move selections dont show up until BOTH participants have access to them?

Surely I cant be the only one with this problem.


Your not and its been brought up before… the common consensus is location trumps internet… ie the closer you are to Ludia the more often youll win speed ties.

I dont think thats true. Im 100 miles from Ludia. Its about your internet speed.

Digital signals travel far too fast for that to be the factor. When i sit there for 5 seconds between moves without my move selection even being visible…thats internet speed. When using my wifi at work I dont have nearly as many problems.

Pretty sure both @quakeur and @Idgt902 have tested this frequently. Ie phone speed… internet speed… location will come into play… now if your on slow internet or an old phone… you might be alreqdy handicapped to the point location alone isnt enough to overcome.

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It’s one area of the game that needs the RNG to be a 50/50. If both dinosaurs are equal then it should be random not determined by how the game registers who hit a button first.

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Digital signals also do not travel to fast for location to not be an issue… this is the most untrue thing ive ever read on these boards… location to the server is still a big issue… in any internet based game.

while ill agree it shouldnt in this time of game… turn based and such.

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For real? “Most untrue statement on this forum”? What a joke. And how exactly did they ensure they had the same internet and device speed?

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Also a little info from the internet seems to suggest that travel speed of data really shouldnt play a role in this…data only takes a few milliseconds to travel around the world. Definitely not slow enough to influence who wins a speed tie

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And DEFINITELY not slow enough to account for having to wait several seconds just for move sets to appear on screen

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Actually NOTHING can travel faster than the speed of light, which would take ~1/15 seconds to travel to the other side of the world.

…i didnt say anything about the speed of light

You said a signal can do that in a few milliseconds. In reality nothing can.

Well a “few” is 100-200 ms for data travel based on what i read measured by “ping” tests which send a signal from one server to another (in the examples it was from San Jose to Frankfurt). Also the FURTHEST anyone could possibly send a signal to ludia would be half the circumference of the earth, not entirely around the world.

Regardeless, internet speed plays a MUCH greater factor in deciding speed ties. Having the movesets appear for both opponents at the same time would fix this. For me, they dont even become available for several seconds.

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The farther you’re from Ludia, the more data hubs your connection needs to go thru, which ultimately affects your speed. Digital signals don’t just transmit in one cable at the speed of light. It’s the interchanges that slow things down.

^That was for half the circumference.

If your internet is so slow that buttons take seconds to load (not counting animation), then yeah, of course that won’t matter. Generally though if both players are on high speed internet 100-200ms is actually enough to decide the speed tie most of the time.

Okay I can believe that. But in my case, Im literally 100 miles form Ludia headquarters. What I’d like to see is a way to counteract slower internet speeds and slower phones. Like not showing move options until the slowest player recieves them. If that makes sense. Im not sure how they could manage the extra time it takes for distance. Any suggestions?

In reality this whole speed tie system is dumb… its the one place in the game rng would be a more fair system… instead its dependant on factors outside of the game and more often then not one person has an advantage. Its not something you can overcome in game…

Yeah I guess I wouldnt mind it being 50/50. Sure beats losing every one like I do when Im on my awful slow internet at home…one of the many downsides of living in the middle of nowhere

I dont buy that the one closer to ludia wins the speed tie. i live in south america and always win the speed ties against ppl who’s in the us