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Speed ties: poll

Here’s an idea that’s been lost among all the rants and replies in various speed-tie threads for ages now. Basically, instead of that fastest finger/fastest internet/fastest device/shortest distance from the server nonsense we have now, both tied creatures move at the same time.

Let me elaborate.
In the case of a speed tie, the screen splits with both creatures doing their attack/move, and the effects coming into play at the same time.

This means two 20 HP Proceras would deal damage to each other simultaneously (unless one of them goes for a priority move, in which case there’s no issue. If they both go for priority moves, we’re back to this scenario) and end in a draw.

If two Suchotators were to go for Instant Distraction at the same time, they would both be distracted for the next turn.

It’s quite simple, really, plus I don’t think it’d be anywhere near as frustrating as any other option.
No RNG or finger-races involved whatsoever.
It also makes the most sense IRL, as @Tielenaar said. It’s the speed of the creature that should determine the move order, not the internet, the device or the location of the player.

Disclaimer: Not my idea. It’s just a concept that’s been put out there a couple of times, being refined more and more along the way.

  • Love the idea!
  • Isn’t for me.

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I like it, simple and effective yet also fair! I mean might result in more draws but if the draw is fair, there wont be any linger feeling of unjustified wins/losses!

Great idea, glad I thought of it haha j/k :slight_smile:


Speed ties are uncommon in the normal arena since boosts, so that won’t result in draws much. In the tournament this could happen more often, which makes progressing slower and people will start to complain. This is something that has to be taken into account.
For example, when it’s 2-2 there could be different rules. But I really don’t know how often speed ties happen in the tournament at 2-2. I barely ever play there.

Would not be so fun when you lose against an obviously inactive player. And yes this is a big problem. People go inactive in the middle of battles all the time. How pissed off wouldn’t you be when you lose to the opponent who’s not even online?

How do you know they go inactive voluntarily? I have connection issues myself, meaning battles are often cut off out of nowhere. Logging back in can take a while.

And if the opponent is inactive, they’d be at a disadvantage anyway. You could lose to one in some very specific situations, but I don’t see that being a big problem. They can’t really exploit their inactivity in any way, and there’s frankly no reason to.

Except in the case of Cautious Strike. But that thing’s in for a nerf.


Of course you don’t do it voluntarily. But sometimes you forget you are playing because you are doing something else, have to stop playing because someone calls you or speak to you, server issues, and so on. Of course this is sad for the inactive player, but that should still not favor that person instead of the active one.

You are not necessarily in advantage, because the opponent creatures could be overpowered high level high health counter attack creatures. This happens a lot in the Lockwood library.

Anyways for this idea to work it would only be fair if both click the button before the timer runs out. If not who actually does click the button should be in favor.

The other idea posted here before is: Whoever selects the first creature first will go first in speed tie and after first creature down from either side, the one standing will go first if speed is tied again.

Now this will make things predictable and good.

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I don’t understand how it favours the inactive player. If they had been faster than you, they would still have gone first, inactive or no, so why should there be a difference when it comes to speed ties?

But your idea of the player who didn’t pick a move in time losing the tie could work.

Not really. Who picks the first creature first will depend on all the unfair factors that speed ties already depend on now. That wouldn’t help at all imo.

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If both creatures are just as fast and move at the same time as you suggest, you have lost 2 creatures and your active creature is down to the last breath and creature number 4 is already half dead, and the same opponent creature comes in with full health, then your creature dies and the inactive opponent wins the battle.

Not who clicks first. The only one who clicks if only one player clicks an attack.
If both players clicked then both creatures attacks simultaneously as you suggested.

I wasn’t replying to your post :sweat_smile:

In that specific situation, yes. They would have won if they were inactive or not. And unless you can one-shot them, it doesn’t really make a difference.

They don’t gain the advantage, they just played well through the rest of the battle, so it’s fitting that they’re in a winning position.

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They didn’t play well the whole battle if they didn’t play at all. And you could have had the chance to distract the opponent, so you survived and won.

I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to implement your idea anyway, so I don’t see why not :blush:

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So just to clarify.

If both dinos have the same speed they will both do the move chosen at the same time unless it’s a priority move?

A Utasinoraptor tie could result in one player using distracting impact and the other critical impact. So would the CI be distracted?


Good question. I guess debuff effects should kick in afterwards.

Would be fun if they both stun each other.

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This is easy to solve. Moves are simultaneous only if a player picks a move within their 20s. If time runs out, than the other player gets the priority.

(Edit: I hadn’t read to the end. You already proposed that… so there we go! Makes sense)


On a side note, or side question: last tournament I got many times IndoM 2 vs Ardonto in the first round. They’re both 108 speed but Ardonto always has the priority, does anyone know why? Wasn’t that supposed to be a speed tie?

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In case of a speed tie, rarity and level also determine who goes first. Higher rarities have priority.

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