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Speed ties - the not so lazy solution

The current speed tie situation, in my opinion, is just lazy development. “Meh, we’ll just let the tap their screens like crazy and let connection speed sort it out…” or something like that.

How about this? You know those bars where the little arrow slides from side to side and you hit the button in a certain area? (the center, a red zone, etc…) How about that? You select the move you want, hit that move button when the indicator is closest to the center (or a line, or whatever) and the person who gets the closest moves first. If both happen to hit the same spot, then the first person who did it goes first.

Something really needs to be done, especially since so many people now have all the same dinos at all the same levels. Hey, maybe try and avoid that, too!!


what if your screen is busted or doesnt register touches very well.


I am at a point where I no longer care about what is the solution, just fix speed ties.

I am even willing to have it be decided by the game’s outrageous RNG than have constant 100% win or lose against certain players

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Please don’t make battles last even longer…

Live with it.
We want the game fixed, so either play a battle with broken speed, or play a working battle with more tactics.

I won’t live with it but thanks.
Just fix it without making it longer.

i always thought that we should start matches with a home team and visitor team then the home team goes first. maybe visiting goes first next tie etc…

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Thats a good idea. We can when starting battle select we “host” match or see list of “waiting hosts” and join them. And we can also see from start if we join then who will have speed tie priority which can be randomly selected and displayed before joining.

Though opponent name and trophies should not be shown.

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Precisely today I wanted to post again on this matter. I’ve done it several times already and I’ll keep doing it until it changes.

In case of a tie of speed the decision can not be for the speed at the push of a button. This does not depend on the speed of the user but on the speed of your internet server and this is very unfair.

I explain a batle mine yesterday.

1 Turn: My spinotasuchus of 28 against another spinotasuchus of 28: two goals that are decided by speed, two strokes that the opponent wins.

3 Turn (in the second I managed to recover from an almost certain defeat): My tragodistis of 29 against a Tryostinex of 29 of the rival. same speed. Two strokes that are decided by this system and two strokes that my rival wins by speed.

Last turn: My thor of 29 against a Tenontorex of 29. Again equal speed (I had never had such a coincidence). He only gave time to 1 turn, he won the rival and with critic killed my Thor. Game over.

5 turns that are decided by speed and although I was with the 5 senses on the screen, 5 turns lost. And if he fought a thousand times against the same adversary and the same sutuation was given again, 5000 times he would lose. Simply because he has a faster server (or because he has a faster phone, or because his server is closer to the game’s central computers, …)

This is not fair !

The proposal that you make seems interesting to me but if it can not be done for technical reasons, it is simply chance who decides who goes first. This game has a lot of actions that are decided by RNG and precisely an action that has all the sense of the world that is decided by RNG, it does not.

Please, do something about it. This situation is very frustrating and occurs very commonly for two reasons:

  1. Almost all players use the same creatures
  2. Although the range between 132 and 100 is very wide, these dinosaurs used have very concentrated their speeds:
  • Spinotasuchus, diloracherius, erlidominus and pterovexus have 129
  • Mangamyritus, stugydarix and Indoraptir have 128
  • Tragodistis and tryostonix have 124
  • Dracoceratops, Tenontorex and Thor have 109

I really hope that a solution will be made one day.