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Speed ties: why not simultaneously?

Why this option never showed up in survey? Just let them kill each other. All efects (distraction, shield, evasive strike, …) should be applied after hit.


That would actually be fun… Though there would probably be some problems with that if we think it through, but as I say, anything is better than how it is.

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At this point, it would be less frustrating than what we have now. Plus it will cause more draws and anger.


I never thought about that.
Yeah that would be epic.


Could they even make it that way?

Just lost a speed tie where I was hit before my buttons even appeared…
So yeah, I fully support this.
Heck, a fricking coin toss would be better than mashing and hoping.


You can choose attack before the button appears. Just keep tapping the right spot for the attack you want.

I still can’t believe that “majority prefers the current system” bullcrap… Almost one and a half year in this forum and I’ve never seen anyone defend this system…


I’d like ludia to add an option “is USA an European country” in the last survey page next time. Never will I find a better approach to test how merit is the voice of this “majority”.


Imagine alllllll the ties we would get in skill tournaments lol

The only time I like the current speed tie system is when I want to be slower, in tryko vs tryko matchups etc. Those would definitely be way more painful with a randomized system, but this system could work

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This idea has been mentioned before, and I think it has merit. Basically all effects and damage are dealt simultaneously to both parties. It makes some sense too.
I actually don’t think there would be problems with this idea. Even if there are, I don’t think it’s anything a little common sense can’t deal with.

I don’t know if it’s possible to code, but I envision it with capital letters “TIE!” on the screen before going to a top and bottom split screen of dual attack animations.


Hmmm, actually really great idea… Very fair that way

Could live with this. Cant see a downside, actually.

If both act at the same time, how do priority moves like Instant distraction or Instant invincibility work?

The same way… Its an effect without damage

Or why not let the first one picking the Dino to enter goes first and then the standing dino will go first for subsequent moves? (someone else suggested earlier)

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If one player uses, say Instant Charge, and the other uses Instant Distraction, the IC won’t be distracted (it’ll do full damage) and regardless of whether or not it stuns, the IC user’ll be distracted for the next turn.

If it’s IC vs IC, they both take the damage and may both be stunned, but neither side will have to end turn because it was simultaneous. Even if they did, it wouldn’t make a difference.
If only one gets stunned, I suppose the other one’d get a free turn.

Just for example. Other combinations could work similarly.

If both sides use non-damaging priority moves, I don’t think there should be any confusion.

A simple (? I guess, no programming background) way is that everything will only be calculated at the end of the turn.