Speed Ties

I guess Speed Ties doesn’t need introduction for most of you, but just to recap: When two opponents use creatures that has the same Speed / Level / Rarity the faster to click move first and recently there is also players who wait on purpose till the last second to make their move after their opponent, and both scenarios can heavily influence the outcome of battle.

Which is absurd because how fast a player can click and how long can he wait out before worrying that the game could automatically select the base move for them is depending on lot of unfair factors; like how fast/stable their internet connection is, and how high their device performance is, and whether they have lag or not, and how far they are from the main servers, so it is not just about who can click first or who can click last.

Speed ties shouldn’t influence the outcome of the battle. Seriously enough is enough! This have frustrated many players including myself, especially in Championships skilled tournaments where everyone are using the same creatures that are known to be dominant and Speed ties becomes constant occurrence. It’s literally an exploit that you allowed players with more favorable conditions to abuse for so long.

Well, I can’t call for dismantling a system without suggesting an alternative, so here is my idea…

Basically this:
-When two players have the same Speed / Level / Rarity, they act exactly at the same time.

  • Moves conditions will be followed step by step for both opponents.
  • In case of different moves, effects first then damage last! (doesn’t apply to effects that are written after damage)

Not clear enough? Here is couple examples…

  1. Troodoboa VS Troodoboa:

    First both will get the shields up, then both will be slowed down, then both will inflict damage at the same time, even if means both will be defeated.

  2. Parasaurthops VS Parasaurthops. (Tough Group Cunning Strike VS Resilient Rampage Revenge)

    First step, Self: the first para will cleanse DoT and the second will cleanse Damage reduction.
    Second step, Target: The first para will distract the second.
    Third step, damage: Both will attack each other at the same time, even if means both will be defeated.
    Fourth step, Second Para will make the first Vulnerable. (After damage effect)

There might be more complications since I haven’t explored all moves & all possibilities, but if you know an example, feel free to share it and maybe we can add new rules to the system based on it.

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It’s not,if u look at a game like Fortnite,people living near Nevada have lower ping,so they have the advantage,

2 things.
1: they are correct. It’s literally just a system in which the player with the higher end device and internet can exploit that to their advantage.
2: why do you keep referencing games that aren’t even related to this whatsoever? First it’s brawl stars, now it’s fortnite.

So your point is… That if something bad is happening in other game means it is okay to let it happen here too ?

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What you’re suggesting involve a lot of programming, and we know that if they add only two lines of codes, they can add a bug… The most simplest way (code is probably already built in the Unity engine, or available anywhere):

A dot that swing at a decent speed, from left to right and right to left on a line, with a target in the middle. The goal is to be the closest to the center line when you click on a button. Closest get to move first. This way, it’s not relevant on who’s closest to the server, has the highest speed connection, or latest flagship phone. Since it’s loaded locally on a phone, it become pure skill (who’s the closest) to determine who goes first.

Or plan B: It doesn’t matter who hits first. Server ALWAYS decide who hits first even if one was very slow to pick the moves. In fact this would give us more time to think about the strategy being used, if you know it’s not based on your connection… Both opponent select a move, and if still speed tie, then the server randomly assign one player to play first. So 50% of the time, cannot be fairest than that.

That being said, I seem to have a very lousy connection. And surely my poor Samsung S9 is showing it’s age. So, I’ve simply decided to live with that nightmare! I very rarely win a speed tie. Maybe once every 30 times, and probably because my opponent was sleeping? But even if they fix that problem, what if suddenly it would be fair and I won 50%, I would go up maybe 100pts? Not the end of the world. So instead, I’ve simply decided not to use any dinos with instant moves (I hate loosing all those). So now, there’s less 100% loosing speed ties happening. I really wish Ludia would do something for this still, but hey, I’ve learn to play with the cards I’m being dealt with :slight_smile:

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This i like