Speed up hatching, when is it worth it?

Until now I have almost never speeded up any hatching, but Chania is eyeballing my tournament creatures and I’m feeling I should finally spend some DBs for hatching, since I personally don’t see any reason for stocking up huge amounts of DBs. I was wondering if there has been a previous thread about the time left of hatching and the prize for speeding up and when is is more worth it? Obviously is costs less the less time you have left, and using discount hours for hatching is of course smart. But: for example, if you have a legendary creature at let’s say 3,5 day hatching time and a tournament creature or a legendary hybrid with 7 days hatching time, the prize for hatching a 7 day creature is less than 2x the amount for 3,5 days. From that point of view it’s more value for money hatching the tournament creature immidiately (paying for seven days) than f.ex. 2 legendaries with 3,5 days hatching time. Also speeding up a 7 day creature when it’s less than 12 hours left, it’s also wasted money, because you pay for the 8,5 hour free speed up in the end. Does anybody have any thought about this?


Personally, I keep a clear market for more DB trade offers. This requires a lot of speed hatching.

It is worth it in my opinion.


Yes, but when do you speed up the hatching? Immidiately or do you wait until the prize is less?

You speed up whenever you have something in your Market that needs to be hatched as you don’t want the Trade Harbor clogged with offers for creatures that you intend on hatching


Here is an old thread that goes into some of the math behind the cost at various times and strategies:


The last couple of hours are the most expensive. So, immediately if you can. But if I get a Dino from a card pack, speed up what I need to, to get it in.


I often do a speed up when I want to buy more than one copy of a specific creature on a discount, because you can’t buy it in the market if you already have a copy. So if I want to buy a pair of identical hybrids during the hybrid window, to make an L20, I might clear something out with a speed up, buy one into the cleared spot, then buy another to hatch when another slot comes free.

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You know DBs are very valuable and I don’t speed up hatching or fusing because it is not worth it

Maybe not worth hatching everything, but I’m losing many good trades because Chania is giving me many offers like tournament creature to coin or food, so I don’t think it’s good having all those unhatched tournament creatures in my market. What good do the DBs do just sitting there?


Put a common dinosaur in the first slot then put the tournament creatures in the second slot so that they hatch normally

I have more than 40 tournament creatures to hatch… Continuing the way I’m doing, not speeding up anything, I will continue accumulating unhatched creatures. I already have 300 unhatched creatures, and this is one of my main concerns in the game right now. Even with 3 tournament creatures in slot 2-4 at every moment, it will not solve my problem. Speeding up hatching is not a quick fix, but then at least I could hatch the creatures I would like the most.


There are two ways to clear a market, hatching or selling. I guess a third way would be a combination of those two.

On the hatching side it can be costly to clear your market but then after it’s cleared maintaining it is not costly. As long as you are willing to sell creatures.

The game has a constant inflow of creatures as you progress deeper into the game those creatures become less and less valuable to your actual usable roster, so they become easier to let go for trades of things that are more useful even food.

If I acquire a creature I want to hatch now (like from the prize drop or I get lucky on an event spin wheel) if I don’t have a spot open I speed up what makes sense to me in the moment to make space. That could be spending 1,000 DB or 100 DB.

Lately I have been clearing my market during the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday discount windows. Coupled with the VIP instant hatches and what I want to hatch is never a problem. And anything I don’t want to hatch gets sold when I get any offer that is not for coins. Depending on my food level I will sometimes pass on a food trade but I can’t remember the last time I passed on a food trade due to the amount food outflow I have from leveling creatures.

At the end of the day the approach will be what works for you and your play style.


I was in the same predicament as you before, actually worse because I believe I had way more tournament dinos to hatch. It was @Sionsith that let me know I actually had enough DBs to hatch them all. So I waited for a discount window to pop up and speed hatched all of them. You have to make sure their paddocks have enough space first. My DBs took a giant hit, but they build back up. What’s the point of DBs if you’re not going to use them?

Now I just hatch super rares and lower in the first slot, then aquatics or 7 day hatchers in the other 3 slots. I speed up any super rares and lower during Tuesdays discount (except super rare aquatics that I traded for to hatch for BDNA missions). That way the trades I get are for legendaries.


Thank you all for the tips! @Sionsith I like your graph in the old thread. It would maybe also be illustrative with a graph that shows cost/hour related to time left? I’m considering starting slow, maybe speeding up two tournament creatures per week at Tuesdays in the beginning, to see if that is sustainable for my modest amount of DBs.

What is in your market today?


What else can you spend a considerable amount of DBs on apart from speeding up hatches?

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Trades but most of the time they are not worth it,boss battles,entering tournament and live arena and so much more

Although it’s happily a distant memory now, I can remember when my progress to Hunter in tournaments was limited by whether I could find the 5DB to buy another fight…

Thank goodness that phase doesn’t last.

Now I do mainly use them for speed-hatching but I spent 8500 on Dracoceratops in that recent discount - it felt like the dino equivalent of buying a gourmet meal, enjoyable but guilty at the same time :flushed:


In my market I have (in addition to AFs):
91 rare
55 super rare
114 legendary (of which I would like to hatch 12 aquatic, 17 cenozoic and 9 legendary hybrids. The rest I don’t care particularly about).
41 tournament creatures (of which 5, hopefully soon only 4, are locked).
I keep no VIPs or S-hybrids in the market, and are not giving any priority to hatching S-hybrids lately. Commons I hatch as soon as the first slot are free.
I didn’t buy any creatures from halloween until Christmas, and I was working on reducing my rares before Christmas (in addition to tournament and legendaries in slot 2-4). But of course I couldn’t resist the temptation during the Christmas discount buying some hybrids, setting me back on the hatching front… I accept almost all trade offers for creatures to DBs or LPs (except tournament creatures that I have not unlocked). Sometimes I also take DNA or food trades, but not coin. I currently have 13,7 k DBs. If you have any suggestions on how to make this situation slightly better, I’m very grateful.


Quick reminder, you are not VIP, correct?

Edit: Since you don’t have enough DBs to hatch all your tournaments, I would say figure out the cost to hatch all those rare and super rare jurassics. If there are some you need, make sure you have enough room in their paddocks before hatching. The reason is the trade amount you get for those is far less than legendaries and above. You’ll get better trade offers when those are gone.

As far as tournaments go, maybe hatch the ones you want to and can afford to, then stay on pace to hatch at least 3 a week. I put them in on Thursdays and speed them up on Tuesdays. Then put in a 2-3 day hatcher and speed them up on Thursday (no discount) so I can start the process all over again. Take that advice with a grain of salt though because I do that to take advantage of the Thursday buying discount.

If you’re not buying, they you can put 1-2 day hatchers in on Tuesday, then put in 7 day hatchers after their done and speed them up on Tuesday and start the process all over again.

Accept trades for any dino you’re willing to let go of. It’ll take a little bit, but you should get your count down fairly quickly.

Once your market is only legendaries and above, your trade amounts will be better.

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