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Speed up hatching, when is it worth it?

If I was in your shoes…
91 rares with out a discount window are going to cost you around 4,500 DB to just hatch out which I would do right after reading this :wink:.

That leaves you ~9,200 DB left…

55 SR depending on the mix this could cost you between 5,500-9,700 on the high end, without a discount window. I would hatch out instantly any that I have single copies of and possibly those that I have 2 or 3 copies of. But I only want in my market the ones that I have multiple copies of so that it increases the chance that I get offered for more than one at a time (it’s been so long since I have had multiple copies but I believe that it’s possible to get offers for say 2 SR in one trade?).

You could save some DB by doing all of the above during a discount window but you are only going to save about 800 DB on the Rares and 1-2k on the Super rares. But remember 800 DB is just two AF trades. The sooner you clear your market the sooner you unlock its potential to give you the supplies to keep your market clean. I would also hatch out the Legendary Hybrids as quickly as possible and anything that is locked if you are planing to keep them. If it’s unlocked it gets sold with any offer it receives (possibly even coins) just as a way to clear out your market.

Again this is what I would do if I woke up in your shoes.


Thank you very much! I was just wondering if there is a spesific reason you are suggesting speeding up the tournaments at around day 5? I understand that the cost is course less, but is it cost effective since you loose (and pay for) the 8,5 hour free window in the end? The amount of DBS to pay is higher in the beginning, but the amount of DBs/hour left is less.

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If you’re asking me, it’s because you don’t have enough DBs to speed them immediately. So it allows you to hatch some legendaries and tournaments in one week instead of just tournaments. You could also put the tournaments in Tuesday, then just speed them up once their free. Then hatch and immediately speed up some legendaries.

If you’re asking why I do it, it’s because I don’t haven’t anything else to hatch besides legendaries, so I might as well let as much time pass as possible before speeding up. Even though it’s more expensive per hour, it’s cheaper end cost. I keep mods, so I don’t get the full benefits of a clear market. I make DBs a little slower.


I killed a lot of DBs with the hatchery discount today (first time doing this). Oh, what guilty pleasures… :money_mouth_face: Didn’t dare to go too low with the amount of DBs though, as I feel it’s easier to accumulate DBs the more DBS you already have, but that may just be a fake impression.


you need to decide whats important to you. Are you in this for long term, or looking for a quick fix. Yes, there is an advantage to getting rid of them. especially the common, rare and super rare.

In my case, I neglected hatching lower dinos for about a year while playing massive amounts of pvp. I was racing to get vip dinos to be competitive in tournaments. So I wound up with like 2000 dinos unhatched in my wallet.

So I set out to get rid of them. It took about 12 months to do it. here is what I would recommend.

1: Save as much dino bucks as you can so you can do speed ups in the discount periods.
2: hatch off all the lowers first. So start a common and move up to super rare.
3: hatch off the smallest groups first to get down the different items in your wallet.

This is a guess on my part, but I dont think the game thinks you have 100 fossils, 85 hammonds, and 2000 creatures in the wallet. I think its looking at a fossil, a hammond, and say 30 types of dinos when its pulling out items for trade harbor. So getting down the number of different dinos in the wallet is important.

4: dont worry about speeding up hatching off the 7 day legendary dinos. It costs a ton of money to do it, and they have value to you in trade harbor. To me its simple math, but some people dont see it and want to get down to zero dinos in the wallet.

here is the way I look at it.
$1200-$1500 cost to speed hatch a 7 day dino

if you leave the 7 day dino in your wallet what could happen:
$300-$600 trade harbor for dino bucks
400-1000 trade harbor loyalty points
1/2 value dna
500,000+ food

so if its a dino you really dont need for say creating a hybrid or rounding out your teams for tourney or pvp, it costs you less to not hatch them and the rewards can be beneficial.

as non vip, you can only do 1 custom trade a day. vips get 3. 99% of my trades are legendary dinos for LP. If I dont have a legendary to trade, then I go coins for cenezoic dinos. trading legendary dinos for dino cash only nets you $100 (or is it $50). LP usually fetches 350-700 in lp.

My plan from the start was to grab as many vip dinos as I could get. they hatch faster, they cool down faster and they are usually pretty balanced in their hp to attack ratio, so great for my attack style in tournaments. So getting LP was the means to get 10k solid gold packs. I thought it worked out well for me. Today I pretty much only fight with hybrids, super hybrids and vip’s. Very few legendarys make it to a useful range.