Speed up raid animations [suggestions]

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Me and my entire alliance have been sad for a long time because the raids last too long. We have been playing many bosses for a very long time, and according to proven schemes, and looking at the same animations is unbearable.

Raids take a lot of time with their animations. Speeding them up would make raids more relevant, I think so!

Please enable the raid leader to speed it up (x2, x3). Or let the players vote to speed up the raid. So players will be able to press buttons, and not just look at animations for 20-25 minutes.

  • Speed up raids!
  • This is a bad idea!

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especially the counter attack animations of the raid bosses.


watching animations in pvp is already boring nowadays with creatures doing 1 thousand effects, in raid is becoming a nightmare.


andrewtops raid takes average of 30 mins . i really agree

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100% agree with this!

Raid animations are fine the first few times but when you’ve done a raid so many times it’s such a pointless waste of time to have to watch them again and again.

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In the alliance, most of my friends have stopped playing raids due to the fact that they last a long time. This affects our newcomers, who now have almost no one to go on raids with. Many of my friends are very sad because of these factors.

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Need x4 speed

Please can you pass this idea on to your team? She is very much in demand.

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Yes please. At least give us the option to up the speed.

We really need this. If you play Imperatosuchus raid with 3 Refrenantem, animations take forever.

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Its not just the raid animations, but in other places too which makes the already lagging game even more laggy.

For instance, animations which pop up when opening the incubator can be toned down by giving ‘Skip’ option, so we can just open the inc, hit the ‘skip animation’ button and it shows the DNA contents directly - without those spinning DNA cards.

There’s also the spinning supply drop animations when opening. It would be great, if it can just show the drop contents directly without those spinning & sparkling animation.

Who on earth voted no on this? lol


when a minion is dead (knocked out) the camera shouldn’t look at it, it’s pointless


They should do, but I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again - they probably won’t do this, since they’re trying to get us to play for longer so it benefits the play store rank.

I guess only old players remember when they were twice as long as they are today???

Well, only 1% says no.:joy::rofl::joy:

Cool! This turned out to be a very good idea. I really hope that the developers will listen to us!