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Speedrunning for the Armor Peckeye

Never in his whole JWTG had Troodon felt this motivated to create a super-hybrid. The Carboneyms tournament was coming out, and he felt the urgency to build a strong lineup as he knew - just knew he had to do this.

However the level 30 Tapelajosaurus who had recently arrived was really useful. Troodon loved his stats and all, but it had to be done. Not forgetting to take screenshots of his level 30 evolution look before he did it, Troodon took him to the fusion chamber right away.

Troodon decided to leave him at level 31 for the time being, he sat at the very top.

The next day

It was soon time. Troodon was almost done with his run for the tortoise tournament. For Tape’s last battle, it wasn’t a Modded PVP this time around. It was:

And the last few selfies before he left:

In all his glory, the rainbow peckeye left - but only for a short time:

Troodon’s fourth superhybrid. Definitely a proud moment for him, the armored peckeye has arrived at long last. :sunglasses:

However this is not the end for Rainbow Peckeye

A special thanks to @Aether_12 and @Bandeezee for the DNA and tournament tips. :smiley:


Definitely not a long story as the last two as this hybrid was actually meant for this tournament…

Still enjoy reading however short it may be. :grinning:


Pteraquetzal is supposed to be rainbow peckeye.


I just call him cause he looks colourful too


Wait isn’t this your fourth shybrid?
Uncounted order for dime and diplo, and then mono and now tapejalocephalus

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Whoops it’s the fourth shybrid, thanks for bringing it to my attention

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