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Speedties are just disgusting

Nothing new here, but since talking about the tournament medal system every single weekend for more than half a year has finally made them change it, why not try the same with speedties… I wanna point out (again) the fact that players actually use it in their favor… they know they are gonna win it, so they set up to take advantage from it. Completely unfair!

Example from last week: my weakened Indo2 vs Indo2, where my opponent could just beat mine with CS, but why not go for Mutual Fury since he knows he will win speedtie next turn? That’s what he did, and that was basically the end of the match.

This week, the best examples I believe would be Mammoth vs Mammoth… You have a weak Mammoth, but Ferocious active… Opponent sends his own to revenge kill you even though he could get one shot and had other ways to counter it, but again, easy win on speedtie, so why not?

And there are countless other examples in different tourneys… Pathetic really.


Thankfully, this tournament isn’t as bad as the only relevant creatures immune to decel are secondonto and scutosaurus

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And the deer

This tournament is the worst. For some reason, the buttons appear to me couple of seconds into the move, so i cant win any speed tie. I lost so many matches due to seco vs. seco duels. Lately, it started with mamooth openners. I cant win any, so after ferocious strike, i have to use below to damage opponent enough to kill with one strike with my next dino. But my mammoth always gets killed with sino in the next move, so i end up losing my mamooth with me dealing only one hit. Basically, i have to go through the tourney by adjusting my tactics to avoid speed ties.

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If swappers annoy you, try grypo. It’s really helped me. Titanoboa isn’t bad either. Also try kentro to slow opponents down. I think it’s not a tournament-wide issue, so I would try contacting someone about this issue.

Speedties are always unfair if it’s decide by rng it’d makes me raging when I’m unlucky lol

What team are you using?

I haven’t won a single speedtie since the beggining of this tournament and I press the attack just as fast as a lightning… I think it depends on the country you live…

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Yes it depends on your conection speed and how close you are from Ludia’s HQ apparently… stupidly unfair

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Kentro, grypo, seco, allo, diplo, pachy, mammoth, and alanqa

RNG is many things, but unfair is not one of them.

As usual, I get close to top 10 and the smallest speedtie screws with everything, even in this tourney where it happens way less…

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When the dinos are speedtied they could atack each other together, and then it will another possible of tie matches

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And another two more losses because of this stupidity. That’s it for me… Seriously, 5 minutes battling in a match, swap in, swap out, strategy after strategy, all so that in the end the opponent sends the same creature and wins because his connection is better or closer to Ludia… I feel like a complete idiot! How can these people think this is alright? I live in freaking Brazil! And have rather poor connection. I will never go first against most players, especially against any American or Canadian!.. Proud to battle among top 20 even with this joke of a system. I had never seen a speed system this ridiculous in a game, ever!


I’m battling in the top10, and the past 10 speedties I’ve only won ONE - only to instantly get hit with that stupid bug that locks you out of doing anything. Real nice. :roll_eyes:

btw @Arnold what’s your ingame nick? Probably played you.

I would love for Ludia to implement a speedtie solution that uses strategy and doesn’t give me arthritis

The same as here. We’ve battled before, just not sure in this one.

Yeah definitely battled you last tournament, fairly certain we battled yesterday too.