Speedties are worse than ever with nem tourney rules

If you give us less choices, there are more and more chances of speedties. And I’m being nice by saying “chances”. At least for me it happens almost every match. I lost count of how many losses I’ve had because of this… Starting snake vs snake, Skoona vs Skoona, finishing with Pho vs Pho… pressing the button super fast and watching it take forever to compute, losing eevery single speedtie again and again simply because I live far away…

Don’t get me wrong, the new tourney rules variety is great. But it does make this problem a lot worse… So I ask for the hundredth time to try to find an alternative for this…


I always lose speedties with every tournament (lose rate is 99.99%+) - slow internet, older phone, proximity (far away) to server means almost zero speed tie wins every tournament. I just have to adjust my game as best as possible and go from there. I’m not great at tournaments, but there are others who do not rely on speed ties to win. Not that the speed tie system is fair - it’s not. And unless you are a genius player who knows how to win without relying on sped ties, winning can be difficult.

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Yeah… Even for the most skilled players, losing a tie will eventually make a difference, doesn’t matter how hard we try to avoid it. Back in the day I managed to adjust my gameplay most of the time… But nowadays, it’s extremely difficult to go around so many No Escape and On Escape abilities.


unfortunately this is a subject i can’t have support from so much people.

simply because many people are actually benefited by that.

why bother and complain about something that gives you benefits?

for me is a nightmare. i used to call skill tournament a skill-advantage tournament. just because i clearly see “advantage” there.

  • advantage for being in a place nearer ludia server.
  • advantage for living in a city/country with better network infrastructure.
  • advantage for having a faster device.

@Ludia_Developers that’s not what i call “fairness”, sorry.

some players after realizing my disadvantage in speed tie, clearly forces another speed tie some turns later, because i will for sure loose. i don’t even try anymore, just choose other moves, sacrifice my dino or try a swap strategy, and deal with that.


i found bizarre when a TURN BASED game have to worry about ping, server distance, device speed, finger speed or whatever usual for a first person shooter or race game.


This has been happening for too long… It really does ruin what would otherwise be a near-perfect tournament.

What makes it worse is when you select a move, then have to wait for your opponent to select their move, only for them to move first. I saw that icon be selected first, I should be the one going first, but no, someone apparently lives closer to Ludia than I do.


Yep… That’s why I mentioned I select super fast and wait a few second for it to compute. For a moment I even think I might go first, but then reality hits…


Any suggestions of a way to resolve how to work speed ties?

Should RNG decide who goes first? I’m sure there will still be complaints from this as RNG will seem to always favor the opponent team.

Should both player creatures make their move even if both player creatures die and cause a lot of draws? This would be like the end of a round in a raid where the raid monster still makes its move even though its hit points for the round are zero. I suppose this would help getting 10 takedowns a little quicker.

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about 2 years ago i was using a samsung galaxy s7.
then my nephew started to play jwa.

we added each other as friends and started friendly battle.

he was using a slower device, samsung series A i don’t remember exactly what model.

we noticed the big difference in ui response, using same network.

i was choosing a move in s7 when the slower device didn’t even show move options. it was more than a full second later.

add this to network differences (mobile or wifi, mobile network generations, distance from server, etc) and we have a skill-advantage tournament.


i was about to start a thread asking community for suggestions, but as i mentioned i’m afraid not everyone is harmed by this… don’t know if everybody is interested like all noise i heard this month about tournament format or some other subjects.

but i remember a few threads years ago suggesting some ways to change mechanics to deal with this, let me see if i can find them…

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One of the most common way, is a dot that move back and forth on a line. You try to hit the button when it’s in the middle of the line (there’s a target to aim for). Closest to target win the speedtie. Basically, it’s a game of accuracy that is run locally on the phone. A number is generated depending how close you are from the center. Number is shipped to the server. Server compare both numbers. Closer win. In case of a speedtie with the number, then it’s simply use a second number, which is how fast it took for the players to hit the spot. So let say one player got the perfect center in 2 seconds, but second one took 15 seconds, then even if both players hit the center, first player win. No more “who’s the closest to the server”…

Other solution (less coding) : Both players press the button? No more who’s the fastest. A simple random number, generated by the server itself, decide who’s first. End of story. Fool proof. And everybody get a 50/50 chance…


On top of this, to lower the effect of rng a bit, you could alternate who wins the tie. So if someone wins the speedtie turn 1 they are guaranteed to lose it turn 2.


I think the fairest solution would be to have an rng system that does 2 things. Whoever pushes fastest wins (within a certain parameter of milliseconds. You don’t want it to be totally rng because sometimes it’s better to go second. So if we had a combination of the 50/50 chance of winning a speedtie in addition to taking time into account, that would be the fairest way to make this work.

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We are not talking milliseconds here… Best example is when you have an old phone, you know you’ll have to deal with a speedtie, so you summon your dino, and you’re ready to press the button. As you as you summon, your opponent get the animation also (as you said a few milliseconds later) but his animation is long finished, before yours his. He then press the attack, and now, only has to wait for your animation to finish, and for you to press the button. So basically, opponent would always be the fastest anyway, and the odds would not be even. On the other side, with a moving target on a bar, if you want to go last, it’s still simple! Instead of aiming for the middle, you have to aim for the side, ie, the farthest point from the center of the bar…


Exactly. There’s no way to take time into account without making it unfair, as it is now… I would gladly accept any attempt of a solution, even simply making it RNG. it would be the best thing decided by RNG in the whole game… The way it is now (and has always been) is completely ridiculous. It’s not a coincidence that most people on top50 of every skill tourney has speedtie in their favor…

Apparently some uses emulators or autoclicks apps. So there is that as well…


well… for my situation, even a pair of dice rolling on the screen would be better than loosing every single time, lol.

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