Speedties + delays = impossible

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem (probably), but the new delay glitch is making it impossible to win certain matchups. Example:

Maiasaura vs Maiasaura -
If one player swaps their Maiasaura to the opponent’s Maiasaura already on the field and successfully stuns, the opponent’s Maiasaura will remained stunned for around 5 seconds whilst the counter continues for both players - making it practically impossible to get the first and potentially vital instant rampage in.


Let’s add this one that is making me lose more speedties than usual…
a move with a delay or cooldown (or even the move you just used) will appear or not show “1” anymore, 1 or 2 seconds later than the other moves. This only seems to happen to 1 person, and it’s causing me to lose bunches of speedties more than I’ve won now