Speedties need to be addressed

Skill tournaments are some of the most fun and rewarding aspects of the game. However, they are also some of the most stress inducing and unfun things in the game due to speedties. I’m a former supporter of the “tap your screen quickly” method, but it has quickly grown tiresome, frustrating, and demoralizing. If I had to pick one aspect of the game to be addressed in a future update it would be this.

Also on the topic of the tournament: nerf Entelomoth. This thing is the most stupidly overpowered thing I have ever had to deal with. It gives 1.6-1.8 DC a run for its money.


At least you could one shot, stun, distract and slow DC that -50 attack supposedly was there great rebalance and we all know that was bs


agree with everything. speed ties are annoying. ( i win about as many as i loose).

And entelomoth. If that thing gets set up (trust us it happens 90% of the time) it is a nightmare to deal with. most of the time you cant because it comes in partway through the match and MF makes it faster than anything other than an already sped speedie. you can slow it, but it will just MF again. Distractions don’t do anything when it is already MFed + PSF. And of course, it’s immune to stuns and DoT.


As for the speed tie I honestly don’t know how we can fix it one suggestion is the one with either the most or less health goes first

I’m in the US, so I win a decent amount of speed ties. I’ve won some matches I really had no business winning, and lost some I really shouldn’t have because of them.

With moth, at least with Mammo and Lania you can swap in Phorusaura into them and knock them down into RK range, or whip out indog2 to get some needed chip damage in. I fear Moth 3x more than any other dino, including gem and lania, and I have all of them at my disposal.

Speed tie/ Server Tournaments are the least fun of the battle options. Even the joke towers are more fun and educational.

After a while, your only learning point is do not play a game that has servers in another continent. There is nothing you can do to get better. Strategy means nothing when you cannot execute it or your phone/connection/data is too slow by 1 millisecond to win the speed tie.


Same here. Another US player. I’ll actively try to win the first speed tie in a match (lots of the time it’s maxima or magna) I sometimes i win, sometimes i don’t. after that, i’m not going to and work out better strategies than just mash buttons fast. Only time i do that after the first round is if i need to keep something from setting up too much (mammotherium)

Entelmoth is beatable by the 2 sauropods if I am not wrong. IndoR G2 also wins.

Its OP mainly due to how hard it is to make and now the opportunity cost of making it.

IndoG2 can handle even a PFS setup one (good thing for that), Max wins if it crits one of its attacks and Gem beats it with the right order of moves. It’s just that it tears so many things apart with 132 speed double boosted MF its infuriating.

The actual creatures no longer matter if you cant even play properly. Its fine if Ludia’s servers are a few hundred miles away or even thousands of miles. For some reason, the server decides to DC me halfheartedly so I cant do anything but I can see my team get beaten.

Entelomoth is a problem everyone can learn over time and hunting to get and solve. Server issues and speed ties are not something you can overcome with skill but luck.


I was told the best solution for speed tie would be both creatures will move together by the player’s selection, when both stats meet exactly the same…and i thought this will be really the best option.

Messy lah. Would be funny though

They could fix the speed ties by way of how far a creature has progressed to the next level.

So if a creature is 10% toward the next level and another has a creature 50% toward the next level, the more progressed creature goes first.

There would still be some speed ties but a lot less unless you get many who have level 15’s or 20’s who are past the point of leveling but they can still use that as a measure of who goes first. It would always be the creature who has more DNA past it’s current level.


That works for advantage but not s’kill since luck tourneys put all creatures to the same baseline.

Use a “possession arrow” as in basketball. Fastest goes first the first time and then it alternates.

I’ve said it before and still think that the best method to resolve speed ties is an equal 50/50 roll off. Even if you don’t like random chance in the game this is the aspect where it is needed.

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At least for the time being, this is the most fair option.

But apart from the “both creatures move together” idea, what if the matches were arranged such that your opponent never has the same creatures you do? That would significantly reduce speed ties.

Then to get rid of speed ties between different creatures, before each tournament a few creatures’ speeds can be rebalanced by adding or subtracting 0.5 speed…?

The first suggestion alone would still help a lot though, but I don’t know how it would play out for sure.

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The game should just show both dinos attacking and receiving the same damage. (maybe a new animation with split screen or something) Following tat double ko if both dinos are low health. If not, above sequence repeats.

Edit: Not receiving same damage, but receive damage at the same time, as attack moves may be different even if both dinos are same.

I’m surprised I win as many speed ties as I do, considering I’m in the UK. I do agree, something needs to change.

Entelomoth too, but considering how we’re still waiting for Procerat’s nerf, I wouldn’t hold your breath.


they could vary speeds more. actually all stats more. there’s what, only 32 speed possibilities from nearly 200 creatures? why? where’s 133, 140s? the fastest in the game is still a common from day 1?

why do so many creatures have literally the exact same stats? like why do tryostronix and thor each have 5105 HP at 30? there’s probably 10+ creatures that have 3600 HP at level 26, etc.? with 200 creatures and nothing constraining the values, why not have more variety with stats?