Speedties need to be addressed

Speed ties are highly unfair. I NEVER win even when I press instantly. So the skill tourneys are painfull.

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I absolutely agree that speed ties are a major issue in skill tournaments.

I wonder if this is why they introduced boosts?

But more to the point, Clever Boy makes a really good point about why there are creatures with the same stats. There really is no need at all for this, other than making an argument to justify boosts.

How about for skill tournaments players get the opportunity to apply a total of 8 speed boosts in any way they wish to before the tournament starts on their tournament team?

That seems like a weird thing for me to say as I’ve been one of the most vocal in my disgust at boosts, but bear with me. It’s way less likely that there would be speed ties if we could apply the 8 across our team as we see fit. Some will put all 8 on one Dino, others split it and some maybe just do one on each. But it would stop speed ties which at best would end up a rng nightmare.

As for Entel being op, it doesn’t have many counters, and when it’s set up right it’s unbeatable, but so is a lowly Dino like Tryostronix so I’m not really so bothered by that.

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We had a chance to change speedties, but somehow the majority decided to keep them as they are (or Ludia didn’t listen lol)

As of Moth nerf, I think that not only him but also Mammoth and his other hybrids also need a nerf. Their movesets are fine. They just have crazy stats and stupid passives (especially Lania’s immunity to distraction. How to stop her buffed Definite Rampage? HOW!?)

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Nulls and Stuns. (slows to some extent.)
Can even beat her with Gemini if the move order is right. (i cant remember what i used)

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I never thought of stuns as a way to block the buffed rampage before. Perhaps that’s why Ludia thought it was justified to give Lania and Porcus both Definite Rampage and Immunity to Distraction.
Because unlike with Maxima and Indoraptor G2, Stunning moves and Swap-in Stun work.

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True but even Thor can counter here and we dodgers to and erlidom that can one shot it or dilorach and spxs that can tow shot it, or magana that can null it I think even Eddie can beat if it null the strike.

You can’t do that with most cause no matter what your gonna do unless you also speed up your just gonna give it a turn to speed up and then one shot you

True but those also are completely luck and rng reliant meaning they can still just KO you if they get lucky

But most of the time the Lania will get stunned.
Stuns can fail, but so can dodges. If you’re saying RNG based counters shouldn’t be included, then there’s no difference between a Distraction-Immune DSR and a Distraction-Immune Definite Rampage.
If you do consider there to be a difference, then technically stunning should justify Mammolania’s kit.

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True… but does it really like on counter well two actually even you can dodge both have definite anyway on way to not beat it but just stall it justifies one the most broken kits ya I don’t know about that one son

Maybe if it’s stats weren’t so high it would be better? It’s health is fine, it’s just that attack damage…
If this is an attempt from Ludia to make stunners better, it’s not very well done. Especially since it’s only counters aren’t stunners.
Unless Dilorach can counter it. Find anything on that?

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if there were stuns that also pierced armor that weren’t just swap ins, we’d have a better shot at beating it.

My strategy for Mammolania has been to swap in Phorusaura, try and get a stun and potentially 2 rampages off. If I can’t do that, I can use a longneck to wither it down to setup range. If I can’t do either of those, mammo can tank a ferocious DR and pop off a dig in to hit it with a DR the next turn.

e: moth crushes it too

We haven’t had a new stunning move in a long while, if I’m not mistaken.
The only ones we got were SI-Stunning Strike and SI-Headbutt, but that was a long time ago too, now that I think about it.

Are there any stunners that need superhybrids? None come to mind.

Anyway, we need a Cenozoic stunner next, if Ludia wants to add more.

Agreed. As for nerfing Entelomoth, i think It should absolutely keep the HP and a high damage output, but not that much, it’s too much now. Giving It 1350-1400 damage and removing at least the DoT immunity is the way to go imo.

I agree. This makes a lot of sense.

It’s has to be very lucky with those stuns but it misses by that much also remember this thing can regenerate and also slow

Rinex is worse since a priority and only does 1x damage

Well, I think it could be a Unique already, since it doesn’t leave any room for improvement.
Perhaps we could replace PFS on it for Ferocious Shattering Strike, like the Legendary Goat had. We know its in the game now, and ity only a 33% attack buff, so it’d automatically be more balanced.

I’d also take away Immunity to DoT from the whole Mammoth line, apart from Mammolania.

Then maybe give Entelomoth APR instead of DSR. If it has Ferocious Shattering Strike, it can use that to get rid of shields.
APR as a move is also one we don’t see a lot of these days.

I like the idea of ferocious shattering strike on It, but i would definitely keep DSR, It would just be horrible without it and It is supposed to be an all out chomper. I feel like APR is more appropriate for dinos like indom, that because of cloak and Full immunity shouldn’t be able to go through shields. Since like you said, the boost is 33% nerfing any stats wouldn’t be necessary and It would still have mutual fury utility. Agreed on removing bleed immunity, but on case of mammolania i think It shouldn’t have It either, It would be fine but still very strong without any immunities, and It has dig in to deal with bleed.

Even nulled it deals 3000 pure damage, which is 3/4 HP of most creatures.
Stuns can only delay it and remember that even the best stunner, Monosteg, is only an Apex High and isn’t used by most of players