Speedties need to be addressed

But then if it gets a Unique, it’ll just be a clone of that.
I think APR would work with Ferocious Shattering Strike.
I highly doubt it’d be horrible at all. It’d still beat Magna, Spyx (mind games) and Dilorach outright after all. Sounds pretty powerful to me.

Mammolania is a turtle hybrid, so I think it deserves Immunity to DoT. It doesn’t deserve Immunity to Distraction.

The fact that it’s basic attack gets rid of shields nd it’s Rampage doesn’t would just make it more strategic to use, and to play against.

I just want bleeders to be viable again. :sob:
all these immune, partially immune and cleansing creatures hurt them so much.

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Speedties definitely need a change I agree, but it’s kinda complicated to find a method that is fair and balanced for everyone. Random rng deciding it would honestly annoy me more than losing speedties all the time, cuz at least being slow, I know I’ll go last and can prepare and plan to do so.

My suggestion for speedties:
This tournament I’ve been doing a lot of purposely losing speedties for reasons. There should still be an option to go last if you want, or try and go first. If both players pick the same option, it’s rng, but if one player picks first and the other picks last, then it would just give both players what they want.

As for entelomoth, it is way too stupidly OP for a legendary to be sweeping entire full teams of uniques. It is somehow even better than the very broken Mammolania. Part of the reason comes from it’s ability to speed up and buff using mutual fury. That is what sets it apart from Mammolania and Mammotherium. I think a simple way to nerf Entelomoth and Indoraptor G2 at the same time would be to make it so Mutual fury doesn’t speed up, so that Entelomoth is stuck when fighting speedsters. Or make it not cleanse. If Indoraptor G2 can’t cleanse at all, that’s nice for bleeders and slowers to take advantage.

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Being random could lead to some frustration, but it’s far better than the current system, which might as well be random with how unreliable it is and unfair for people outside the US and Canada.

I think Mutual fury needs to keep its speedup effect, otherwise it would be a pretty trash move. Just drop the speed on Moth a bit and solves the main problem.

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I don’t even win speed ties and I would rather have the current system then random. Obviously if there is some even better solution that would be great, but I always have horrible rng with everything in the game (and rng is already a huge factor in most aspects of jwa), so I hope that speed ties also don’t become rng. And yes that makes me biased towards rng.

I do agree that lowering entelomoth’s speed can also help solve the MF problem. It’s just too OP rn cuz it outspeeds any unboosted creature after a MF lol.

I really don’t get the dislike of a random determination in this situation. It really is the only fair way of doing it

But surely not as frustrating as the current method which is why I do keep trying to push it.

Well, as a rule for myself i don’t invest on or use non superhybrids on my main team no matter how strong they are, but If i ever decided to use It, i wouldn’t use It If It lost DSR to APR. My personal taste and imo not worth the investment. So when i suggest nerfs i try to make It into something that i think is worth investing on. But i guess If It got APR and it’s future hybrid got DSR i wouldn’t mind It. The way It is now It indeed doesn’t leave too much room to improvement for it’s future hybrid. In the end i guess i kinda agree with you :laughing:

On mammolania’s case, even If It is a turtle hybrid, i don’t think It should keep bleed immunity. But mostly because It hurts the meta. Besides, on such a tanky opponent with incredible damage output It seems a little too much and It already has a way to get rid of bleed. It isn’t just tanky and low damage like a turtle. But i guess i would be happy enough If It at least lost immunity to distraction. Though we need strong hybrids being vulnerable to bleed imo.

I agree that mutual fury should never lose the speed up effect, it would indeed be a trash move. But moth losing too much speed could make It inviable as well If It doesn’t outspeed anything relevant after mutual fury. Imo speed is fine and just a nerf in damage and removal of bleed immunity is enough. Though It would be fine If It had no immunities at all.

I actually think moth should lose immune to stun. just a personal preference. I feel like that would help more considering it can stall a turn upon success where as bleed takes a bit to finish a creature and can be cleansed away by MF and put moth at an advantage.

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On that case the better option is to just remove both immunities. It’s not like It would be weak without them. It would still be very strong and worth using. It’s a good trade of for all the power It has.

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The problem is it can out speed then double ferocious kill you then be set up to one ko anything

For example porqucus doesn’t feel as broken as moth even though it has the more broken kit but it’s because it so slow MF really can’t hurt you since all you have to do is bring in something faster than it when it uses MF plus you can stunn to stall that MF; can’t do that with moth. That my real bug with MF on creatures that ar fast cause you can do anything since your gonna be outspeed so you either have to use frail speed up creature or just pray for dodge

Well that’s why porkus is irrelevant in the end game and moth isn’t. I know many people didn’t have enough resources to make It team level, but just using It in friendly battles i can tell it’s not worth investing on. Moth needs the speed to be good. But It could lose immunities and some damage and it’d be sufficiently strong but balanced. I’m not trying to hammer It. I believe nerfing the speed too much would result in It getting irrelevant.

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Well not everything. But It still It should get one more damage nerf.

Poor person got his Gemini revenged killed so nothing he could do
The problem is the double ferocious stack up
Even with a damage nerf and no immunities nothing (that’s actually got be able to do anything so Phorusaura and indo don’t count) is gonna be faster and be able to either ko or bring them into revenge kill place

Well if gonna get a hybrid it’s should like mammoth it gonna get nerfed and then get a better even more broken hybrid but again we would need to one up them if the original parents weren’t that op

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Well of course indo gen2 and phurosaura count. Besides, just because It deserves a nerf It doesn’t mean It should stop being good. For It to be good It needs to be able to do it’s thing, and for that It needs it’s current speed. Believe me, nerfing the speed is very likely gonna destroy it. Also, grypo and Dio are tanks and for that they are supposed to be in a disavantage here, so nothing wrong in that aspect. Moth is supposed to have sweep potential. But It shouldn’t have as much damage as now. And along with that the immunities are an unfair advantage on something with this kit. So what I’m saying is that while It needs a nerf, it’s nothing without it’s current playstyle, so imo that must be preserved. It just needs to get those exagerations removed, that being immunities and too much damage.

Lol ya Ik that I mean that even with the immunity nothing is gonna take advantage of it.

And ya ferocious dinos can have sweeping power but this is ridiculous moth can sweep team just like (snap) that for me there three possibilities

  1. nerf it’s speed so it speeds up just to 128-127 that way we have things at 129 speed and up to counter it

  2. nerf it’s damage but I gonna have to be big cause remember it’s basically move is ferocious so say around 1,100-1,200 so 1.6-1.7 turn one

  3. make mutual fury last one turn for both creatures that way it’s still a ko for that creature but it can’t keep the effects meaning you or the opponent can come in with something new without getting one shot
    (This in turn would also mean cooldown becomes two to keep spamming it like it can now)

But most lot the problem comes that it’s just recks stuff and you can swap when you have it low enough for say a swap in or a counter since it can heal so that out of the question meaning you or you opponent can once again set up for another round of beating

Mutual Fury needs to last 2 turns, because if you use it when you move first, your ferocity is gone on the next turn, when you’re supposed to attack.

I would personally drop Moth speed so that it maxes out at 128. The double damage isn’t so bad since its somewhat tricky to actually pull off, its being blisteringly fast and not being able to be swapped against. Aside from that, -100 more attack and that should be enough to make it strong, but not stupid OP.