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Speedup + Training Event/Sale

Why aren’t there any speedup and training events/sales anymore? The last have been in the middle of October, so almost 4 months ago. They usually happened every 1-2 months or so and I actually quite liked those since you save some resources or runes. In the meantime, multiple academy, hangar, sanctuary, hatchery, island and even treasure hoard sales have been available.
I think there was a bugged speedup sale in December. Bugged because it was only available for people who hadn’t updated their game yet. Since the event/sale started 1 day after the update came out almost nobody got the event. I didn’t know that this sale was only available before the update so after I updated, the speedup sale was gone although there were still 12 hours left on the counter. I contacted support and they said that these event have an end and aren’t availbale after that anymore. Yes, I know that, but the timer WASN’T OVER.
I hope you bring back those 2 events/sales in the near future! <3