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Speedup videos - limit and reset time?

From release note there is 6 videos you can watch to speed up incubator.

Two question:

  1. Is there a way to check how many left?
  2. At what time limit is reset?

@Ned any updates on reset times?

There’s not a way to keep track of it at the moment. However, the suggestion has been forwarded to our team! :slight_smile:

Regarding the reset times, it should be 24 hours after the first video was played.


@Ned It still unclear:

Say i play video at:

  • 8:00
  • 9:00
  • 10:00
  • 11:00
  • 12:00
  • 13:00

Does it mean that at 8:00 next day I will have 6 new videos avaiable or (which makes more sense) at 8:00 I could play one video, at 9:00 another, etc. And at 13:00 I have 6 videos if I don’t use any?

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It seemed to have reset at the same time as the Supply Drop reset.

And one more question: these speedup videos are additional to speedup last 15 minutes of incubator?

Yes, at-least I played all 6 and then 15 mins incubator had a seperate video like before with WATCH button

Ok, thanks for confirmation.

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