Speedy Duo Gameplay (11/17)

Thought I’d mix things up and go with a couple nontraditional players… enjoy.


Just used my stegodeus and monostego… they both knocked down easily…

At least I managed to create this too… not bad somehow…

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Used stego to finish both off. The best thing about it is that I got 288 anky DNA from the incubator!!

Took me 2 attempts. I had planned originally for velo to come out first but the screwed up my plan.

But I used lvl 20 Ankylocodon, lvl 19 Velociraptor and lvl 16 Stegodeus. Thankfully the chicken thing used 90% reduction against my Ankylocodon which gave me a free hit, and it used it against my Velociraptor at the end which technically gave me a free hit again.

Defeat with Irex 17, Alanqa 14, Gigaspikausaur 16 And my mvp wuerosaurus 14 :tada:

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Did it with Stegodeus (21) and Stegoceratops (17) for the last hit

Did it with only stegodeus lvl 20, chicken 1st, used shield and made critical, he didn’t evade, then he switch to raptor, i anticipate that and use thagomizer, then apr and raptor died. Then again use shield, again the chicken didn’t evade, then i survive to his last it, then apr and i win ! Lucky got 35xx adn of raptor on the standard 24h incubator !

Won with monomimus (20) and indoraptor (24). Even got some legendary DNA from the incubator prize.

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First Attempt: Used 17lvl Monostego, 17 lvl Alankylo, 20 lvl Velo and 18 lvl Mono - lost bcuz of glich
Second: Used the same team but lvl 19 Stegodeus instead of Alankylo, Both Ornito and Velo got 5% Crits agaisnt my dinos so I lost my strongest counter and I lost
Third: The same but they didn’t get crits so I won
I’m so freaking unlucky

Did it pretty easily, no crit from both dinos and even some hit through evasive strike.

Did it with stegodeus 18 and monostegotops 17

Nice vid !
I picked the path of monomimus first to nullify stance then stegodeus for velo, you can check it out in my video :

Got lucky on a crit from monostego to soon be an even more beast then already is glad i put my monolophosaurus into him instead of monomimus

Monostego and Stegodeus did it for me.

First try forgot about Long Invincibility Trago bug and lost. Then uninstalled and reinstalled app to do it without paying.

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Haha good move i wish i didn’t level my tany now but could come in handy with all the immune dodgers we will see soon enough

Really helpful video. I was able to complete it without any glitches.
Can you also post a video on the today’s Rare strike tower?

Reckon these boyos are up to it? Or should I chuck stegocera in there too instead of irex?

Leave Trago out or don’t use Long Invincibility.

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I decided to go for a high risk RNG dependent strategy. I.rex (18), Alanqa (15) Amargocephalus (15) and Nodopatosaurus (15). I managed to win thanks to good RNG. :smile: