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Speedy Duo: Is it possible?


Obviously for someone with all uniques and legendaries it probably is, but for someone who is just now coming close to their first Legendary, is this event possible or should I just focus on the rare Strike Events?


I’d start off the battle with any Dino other than alanqa then switch into alanqa before velociraptor does pounce, use SS and assuming ur alanqa survives the upcoming strike, use ur shield and then SS again followed by rampage for maximum damage. Your Trex could get maybe one good hit and the other Dino’s I would recommend r prob ur tanks cuz those r the only ones that can maybe take 2, maybe 3 hits. Idk if I would say it’s impossible but since u don’t have any dodging Dino’s either I think it would definitely be a challenge for ur team

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Got it.

Alanqa really is amazing, isn’t it.

I just hope I don’t get dodge screwed by the second dinosaur.


Yeah I think the ornithomimus will be more challenging than vraptor. And yeah alanqa is awesome, I have alankylo now and he’s awesome love these armored dragons.


Even on common and rare strike events I’ve gotten screwed out of stuff just because I’ve been unlucky with enemy dodges.


Anyone win yet? Need battle strats!



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Nevermind I just beat it first try

Indominus managed to dodge as Ornithomimus swapped to Raptor with its strike and run and Indo killed it instantly with rampage. Swapped to Dracorex to weaken Ornithomimus a little before it killed her. Used Stegodeus to shield and land a lucky hit through the shields and the swapping strikes. So good!


I completed it using I.rex (18) and Alanqa (15). My entire strategy depended on I.rex dodging attacks. In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting to win. I was just seeing how far I could push my luck for the giggle factor but the RNG was kind to me. :grin:

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Just completed it. My team was Stegodeus Level 18, Suchotator Level 16, Monomimus Level 16, Gigaspikeasaur Level 16.

The ostrich came out first, I spend in Stego. Ostrich Evasive strike, Stego shields. Ostrich Runs away out come speed demon. Stego Thags. Stego ramps ending Speed Demon. Out comes Ostrich. Ostrich ends Stego.

Out comes Tate. Tate Nullifys Ostrich Evasion. Ostrich does evasion again, Tates Bleed misses. Ostrich Ends Tate.

Out comes Mono. Ostrich Evasion momo nulls it. Ostrich Runs away momo dodges. Ostrich Evasion, Momo nulls it. Ostrich Runs away hitting through Momo evasion. I spend it giga

Ostrich spams evasion and instant cripple over and over and over my poor giga can’t even do much. Ostrich Ends giga.

I try again. This time, Stegodeus Level 18, Suchotator level 16, Stegoceratops level 17, Gigaspikeasaur Level 16.

Ostrich comes out Stego shields and that happens (Ostrich runs stegod ends speed demon, ostrich ends Stego) out comes Tate. Tate Crits a nullify impact. Tate then gets critted by a run away. Tate ends. Out come giga. Giga gets like 3 crits in a row, ending ostrich.

All that for some Secodontosaurus DNA :metal:


Epic wise I got 159 Spino Gen 2 (enough for me to finally unlock it) and 119 Kentosaurus.I now only have Erlikosaurus to unlock to have all the “normal” dinos.


The bleed still works when he doges though right?


Epic Dino’s


Ostrich boi is immune

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Ostrich is immune. At the time Tates nullify impact was in cooldown. SS didn’t do alot of damage and instant cripple would’ve done anything so bleed was really my only option.


if your game doesn’t time out after you’ve eliminated one dino, and when it reconnects you have lost…then yes, it is possible.


Oh wow I’m glad I asked I had no idea it was an immune. Cheers.
Guess I don’t face many of them


Wow this one seems harder than I imagined I’ve got decent Dino’s but how to deal with a fast evasive immune with out having to rely on my Dino’s dodging is going to be more tricky than I thought.

This is my squad if anyone wants to chime in with a good counter for Ornith… at the moment I’m thinking Velociraptor and maybe Blue?
Will Blue go first?
Stegodeus and Alankylosaurus for the L30 Velociraptor.

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Willl Blue go first in a match up with Ornith…?
Same speed lower level but Blue is epic vs a rare.

P.S I’ve looked it up, level matters, rarity doesn’t (at all) so Blue is out and I’m back to the drawing board. :thinking:


Oh man this sux
At level 20 a Velociraptor has 1456hp and the Ornithmimus does 1457 damage!