Spell books Coming Soon in Shop

Shop a little buggy today, but seems spellbooks are coming soon.


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So I guess the four Spellbooks this week were teasers to get us a taste of the product and going forward if we want the high, we gotta buy! I had that same glitchy screen. Curious to see how this plays out.


Looking forward to spellbooks. I enjoyed the preview days ago

I enjoyed the Spellbook freeview, but i am certainly not looking forward to another added pay item over and above VIP.

Alternatively, many successful apps provide similar features for free, thereby increasing the roster of active players. This provides increased revenue without abusing and pillaging its user.

[Edit: The spellbooks have arrived in the store. The price for the first release appears to be reasonable. If this price remains unchanged the Spellbooks will remain a favorable addition to the game.]

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Ludia, thank you so much for making the spell books cost gems as opposed to money! And they’re at a reasonable price too, especially with the option to buy in smaller durations. It’s very much appreciated!


Agreed @JustPassingThru. Seems like good values.