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Spelling bee strike

I was fighting arctops in the spelling bee event and the arctops had revenge skill active but i used instant distraction on it but it still did damage.
Is this a glitch or can this actually happen?

arctops is immune to distraction.


Arctops is immune to distraction

Well that happened

Oh shoot, okay ahaha thank :joy:

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No problem. New player?

I guess i am new compared to most of the players but I’ve been playing for about a year. So yea i am new still :rofl:.

don’t worry about it. there’s what 200ish creatures? no one can be expected to know all the immunities and resistances for each. I tend to have to look up 90% of them.

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Mistakes happen all the time. Its very helpful to look at their stats and moves tho to countr them or predict what they’re doing.

Just practice, I’m in a similar boat, so just practice.