Spend 3100 cash for epic incubator got nothing


The app accidentally freezed when I bought the epic incubator and I had to close it and re open the app then the epic incubator disappeared


I’m sorry dude, but nobody will help you. Support of this game never answers any question or problem.


Think you need to spend at least 3100$ before thy Care … i tryed it same where game frose some times


They answered me, ok, I asked for certain DNA that wasn’t in the incubator I bought, obv the DNA in the incubator you buy is random, but I tried anyway, but if you pay and got nothing they should fix it,


Hey Tao_Wang, I’m sorry to hear about your issue with the in-game purchase. Can you contact our support team so they can provide you with further assistance? You can email them here at support+forums@ludia.com, it’ll also be helpful if you could include your Support Key in the email.