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Spending all my VIP points

Hi everyone

I’ve got about 80 000 VIP points saved up for some kind of VIP discount event. It’s not fantastic, but we can buy VIP packs for 8050 VIP points rather than than normal 8700 this week. Do you think we’ll get anything better or would you recommend I just spend everything this week and go back down to zero points.

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I have no patience to handle more than 10k at a time


Im like that but with the 50k packs.

I have so many dupes of the 10k pack dinos that i dont risk spending 10k on getting another ‘lame’ aquatic dinos when id rather have other dinos.

Im mostly just waiting for the tusoteuthis to pop back up, so i can evolve my current one.

After that ill just stock up on acrocanthosaurus whenever they pop back up since its the coolest vip dino Imo. Ouef, i also need 1 more stygimoloch to get mine to lvl 30.

So yeah, i mostly just spend my VIP points on the prize drop.

Trade the aquatic for 5000 LP.

It’s a better tradeoff than I’ve seen in a while. Last year, VIP appreciation week offered 4x LPs. This year did as well, but halved the amount of LPs you could get. So it averaged out to being the same price for buying the 10k packs. So, I’m guessing this 3x (and actually 3x this time) is the best we are likely to get for a while. So I actually dumped 600k+ LPs last night getting a whole bunch of 10k packs. Drained all of my food to feed them (and still couldn’t feed all of them!). So I think it’s definitely a good opportunity to spend them if you’ve got them.


Wow you had 600k!! It’s actually a great idea to save up that much. Now that I have a decent line up I think I will do the same and save them to dump in an event like this.

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I actually had about 870k… this game rewards patience and hoarding for the right moment… Saving the rest just in case there is something even better by the end of the week. Otherwise I’ll likely drop most of the rest on Sunday night. Been a while since I’ve added a bunch of VIPs. I’m expecting that my battles are going to get more interesting.

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Not paying attention to what has happened in the past this weekend will potentially have discounts on solid gold packs as well if history repeats itself, as well as all of the packs being available to select from at once, meaning each 50k pack and 20k pack will be up for grabs so if you need a particular creature you might get an opportunity this week to pick it up. Again this is speculation based on past VIP weeks.