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Spending Dino Bucks

Non-vip here, play the game a lot and enjoy it. Curious what everyone spends their Dino bucks on. I only trade them for loyalty points and the one gorgosuchus tournament I spent 3k on cooldowns to get dominator. I have good enough dinos to get dominator quite easily now. I would go through bucks fast if I hatched tourney Dino’s at 1600 a piece.


I am not spending much db now.

I have spent them on hatching cool downs when I feel the need to get something a bit quicker or to level a dino up quicker. I also spend on cool down in tourneys (not needed very often any more as I have built up my tourney dinos) and on cool downs for an unlock event where my teams never seem to be big enough to get event done in the small amount of time they now give us . I spent about 800 db getting the last Cenozoic creature unlock which was only a rare but it was worth it. I still have 50 k db which I wont spend unless I really need to.

Edit. I always have 4 hatcheries going.

With so many dinos to hatch still, I use them during the hatchery discount. So that means I won’t be spending many this week at all… I also unlock all hatchery slots and evolution slots. Lots of building to do! I’ve only been playing a few months.

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Oh ya, I always spend the bucks on the 3 extra hatchery. Rarely ever do the extra creation lab.

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I always have all four hatch slots going, both evolution chambers (will do the third and sometimes fourth one when they run those specials as well), random less then 50 speed ups, hatching during the discount (sometimes more than 10k during this time), the three TH refreshes, and PvP battles (this is really a net positive for me but I do spend the DB to play)

The random less than 50 DB speed ups I am referring to up above are for when I happen to be checking on my park and there is a good chance I won’t be checking on it for a few hours and something will be completing fairly soon into the gap of game checking. I do this to maximize sit time in the park when it comes to stuff running on time.

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I predominantly spend my dinobucks on having all 4 hatching chambers and 2 evolution chambers running at all times.

I try to save them up incase there is a tournament creature I really want to win. I will use them on the cooldowns during that tournament.

I have my moments when I don’t feel like waiting for an evolution, hatch, or cooldown and I will blow a few bucks on that. I try not to though.

I think people need to get away from the thinking that dino bucks are some sort of in game currency. Dino bucks are primarily used as a time credit/way to speed the game up.

Secondary uses are to buy mods, some card packs, park expansions, prize drop tickets, and as with all other resources, trading in the harbor.

Just think about it, left to right:

DNA, acquisition and evolution
Food, level advancement
Coins, the odd resource without a clear purpose
Dino Bucks, time acceleration
Loyalty Points, bonus pack


Well i spent a load of bucks getting the new T-Rex Gen 2.

That is why I save up my bucks.

I’m patiently waiting at the trade harbor for one of those 11k bucks = hybrid trades, particularly for the hybrids I don’t wish to build up to. Especially the mammotherium. Love my woollys too much. Did purchase a proceratosaurus for 11k LPs recently.

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I don’t recall EVER seeing a mammotherium in the TH. It doesn’t seem to offer any legendary hybrids at all. The Procerato seems to be the only 50K VIP that shows up too.

That’s how I got my mammotherium, though I think the trade was for food.


Food for a Mammotherium? Awesome

It was months ago, shortly after its release. I think it was like 85 million food or so. But it’s been a while.


There’s hope then …

Slim hope, as rare as I’ve been able to build up to that much food before I spend it all again. :wink:

Any hope other than no hope is still hope. :sunglasses: