Spending gold


Add more waus to spend gild besides evolving a dinosaur. Maybe monthly purchase of a special dinosaur besides cash. It is easier to get gold then to get cash. So maybe make it easier to get cash since that is only way to purchase anything while the gold just collects cause it does only evolves. Maybe purchase eggs and hatch them to see what dinosaur you get then put them in training until they can evolve enough to fight.


Wait till you get you’re dinosaurs to a higher level. I promise you you’ll be wishing you had more gold coins I have two dinosaurs waiting to be upgraded and one is two grand and the other is four grand


One of mine was 8k… You do end up spending it. I’m not even into the legendary and unique pricing yet.


One of my husband’s dinos has been waiting to evolve for days because it costs 20k gold. He’s pretty aggravated with it because even getting as many supply drops and battle wins as he can he keeps reaching his max daily limit and can’t get what he needs.


Hold on to that gold my friend trust me. When it starts costing 20,000 to upgrade common dinosaurs you are gonna wish you had that pile of gold still.