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Spending Runes


Out of curiosity, what does everybody spend their runes on? Is it worth it to try the premium drafts?


I spend mine in the premium drafts and sometimes on those daily drafts.most of the time i get 3 stars dragons but never got 4 stars but got 2 5 stars so it depends if you spend them in a lucky day you might get powerful dragons


Definitely the premium drafts, I’m not even high enough level to breed yet but through premium drafts I have a full team of 4 stars


I’ve almost entirely spent my runes on event resets. A few energy refills, for events only.


I mostly spend runes at the breedery. As i need copies of 4* dragons and it takes weeks and weeks to get one.
Maybe it makes sense for beginners to test their luck to get a 4* or 5* dragon but if you want to upgrade them to Level 3 you need a copy. Good luck with drawing the same dragon twice :slight_smile: