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Spent 1000 game cash for epic scent and got GARBAGE

My first time spending 1000 game cache on an epic scent and I was biking around my neighborhood the entire time the scent was activated and all it gave me was an epic koolasuchus and about 50 diplocauluses. What’s the deal with that? I want my money back or at least something better than an epic dinosaur that I am never going to use and is basically worthless if you already have a leveled up diplocaulus

I find that I like to use Epic scents in zones where something I want is going to spawn. Not all zones are equal, in what creatures they generate.
Also when I use my scents, I make sure I leave every spot where I had my previous spawn.
I found that if you are out of the range of the old spawn point, you get two creatures generated instead of just one. So a 20 minute scent, can generate 19 creatures if used in that fashion, and this increases your odds of getting something better.

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You can expect the same satisfaction if you were to purchase an incubator, as well.

You can get scents for free from supply drops and special events, among other things.

They generally give 1 epic. I have had 1 or 2 give me 4 or 5 epics, but expect 1 per scent.


That’s why I don’t care for scents. They’re pretty useless most of the time (at least for me).

epic scents dont give much for their value. 1 guaranteed epic for 1000 hc is steep.
Stick with common or rare scents. they give better dna for their value and can still draw in epics from time to time.


That’s why boosts are for sale every day now because the scents are useless and nobody purchases them. They need to make them better and/or more affordable.

Unfortunately an epic scent guarantees 1 epic; any more is a bonus. Last time I used an epic scent in a specific local to try and get Brachio or the hybrid chase epic all I got was 2 Concavenators.

I think the most I have ever had was around 8. I am sure it is coincidence but whenever I get a free epic scent it is normally pretty good but when I am then tempted to buy one - it’s rubbish.

As others have said rare scents seem to give better value for money and often spawn an epic. Keep moving until two appear - if you want both do not move again.


Yay. :expressionless:

Sometimes they pay off big. This was from a five-minute small scent

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I think some of it is RNG. These screenshots are all from the same hunt in L3 from an epic scent I won from a scent strike. This was in November 2018.

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You can’t get your money back because you received exactly what you paid for.

i got 2 brachi, an anky, and 2 concavenator off an epic after release of 1.12. (sat in 1 spot which was weird). it was one of the ones i got from strike events.

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Got 2 Trex, 2 Sino; 1 Bary, Concave and Pteranodon from epic scent used today in L1. Eventhough it was good, I didn’t got what I hoped for - Anky.

I’m never buying scent, as are waste of cash. Also never use rare or epic in L3, as I live in L3.

I think you can even get 20 if you’re already moving when you open the scent. I managed to get 2 on the first spawn once when I opened the scent in a moving vehicle.

Sometimes they’re great sometimes they’re trash. 1000 hc is too risky imo. Especially with booooosts around.

I mean boosts are taking most hc.

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I think they are a much better purchase than incubators though and statistically, it can help you get to where you want much quicker.


They tend to be better when I’m looking for Quetzal or Wuerho. I used a few rare scents to get Quetzorion, for instance. For other dinos, I’ve sadly had bad luck with the scents (don’t get me started on my Monolopho find - saw one with a scent, GPS went haywire and moved me far away just as I tapped the screen. Not JWA’s fault on that one, but still irritating).

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Don’t spend money on that. Either earn it or buy rare scents. You can get heaps more rare scents and likely better epics out of them as a whole than just by buying that epic scent. I’m a huge fan of rare scents, as they’re very useful if used in areas with good critters.


I had earned it. Just hadn’t spent game cash in a long while so I had a good amount saved up. It was my first and last time trying any of the more expensive scents other than the 5 for 100

By “earn” I meant win it in strike towers instead of using cash on it.