Spent a ton of money.... Suggestions


Well… Spent a ton of money on this game like I’m sure many have… Never cheated either once so I really hope the ban crap doesn’t affect normal users accidentally but I do have some suggestions. Make the game more social eg link it to fb to find friends easier, show other players near by, and for the love of god why only spawn events in parks? There’s no parks anywhere near me. Spawns in my city honestly really suck. Bait is something I would purchase. After spending a lot of money (Hundreds) unless you lower prices I don’t think I’d spend more as the value per dollar isn’t really there. I’m still getting my ass whooped in tier 4. Would also be nice to see other players. Also I notice dinos only spawn on roads. Well I live on a farm beyond 200 m which sucks.

Anyone else have some ideas for the game from player perspective?

Age 43
BC Canada