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Spiel bewertung

Das spiel hat mal spass gemacht mitlerweile find ich nur noch blöd seit den appdate ist man nur noch am verlieren für was also weiter spielen

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Translated from German:

“The game was a lot of fun. I find only stupid since the app date you are only on the losing for what to continue playing.”

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And I think that would make more sense as
“This game was a lot of fun when I first stared playing. Now, it is stupid as you’re only losing players that are still here.”

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I don’t know, I’d say it is:

“The game was a lot of fun, but meantime I find it stupid that since the update one is only loosing. Why (for what) continue playing?

But idk my German is rusty.

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The game used to make fun, now you lose all the time after the update, so why should I play any longer?

But it’s bad German.

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In other news…

Loving the world “appdate”!

Edit. Just looked at Urban dictionary and this is a thing. Cool :sunglasses:


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