Spimetrosaurus Rex

Had the idea the other day for a unique hybrid, Spimetrosaurus Rex. It started with T-Rex and Spinosaurus, because I thought it would be cool to have the villians of the original triology in a single package. At this level it would be a legendary, Spinosaurus Rex, with high damage and a bleed attack. Then in the unique level you would add a menber of the dimetrodon family to the mix to give it that coveted immunity. I draw a sketch of what it should look like and with the bulk of the T-Rex and the combined sails of the spinosaurus and Dimetrodon it looked downright awesome. Although I drew it on a napkin at work and somebody threw it away.
Just a thought, not sure if they take dinosaur suggestions or not.

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Please no more t rex hybrids! There are already too many and t rex have been almost extinct since 1.5


That’s becauase the Rex is the best. And you don’t have to go for it if you don’t want to. Like you said, there are plenty of options already. I think having a lot of options keeps the dinos you face off against from becoming stale.

Still waiting for my Concavodontonator.
Please Ludia?? :pray:t2::grin:

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Sounds good to me, those dinos need some attention anyway.