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Spin Stops and Sanctuaries Remove

Hey I logged in today, and several stops and Sanctuaries by me were removed.
I’ve played in this location for over a year, and it went from about 9 stops (with the pass, only 3 if I don’t have it) and 2 Sanctuaries to only 4 (2 without pass) and 1 Sanctuary.
Has anyone else noticed this? Like was there an update i missed where they removed a lot of stops?
I work from home, and can’t get out much, so the stops by me were the only thing that allowed me to keep playing.
So if this is intentional, it’ll finally be the last straw that makes me drop the game. Which sucks absolutely, since I’ve played from day one and have weathered through all the other storms

I thought these things changed over time…and that sometimes it changes to much and they have to fix it.