Spino constrictor health buff

A health buff is needed Even at lvl 27 it’s HP is below 4k for a unique that’s just food for anything with cleanse.


I think it just needs a rework. Here’s what I suggest:

Hp: 4000
D: 1000
M1: Fierce strike
M2: Fierce impact
M3: Maiming wound
M4: Sidestep
P1: Wounding counter
P2: On escape evasive strike
R1: 100% stun
R2: 100% slow

The snakes are overlooked within the game imo, it seems there’s a common issue here as there’s another thread asking about the snakes needing some attention, spino constrictors role was changed in 2:0 ,which has been seen as a nerf by many players.

It just needs more health, the speed decrease 100% and maybe an attack buff, it only has 2 moves

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