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Spino equal to the rex

Why is the spino still representing under the rex? well I don’t know either but it would be good if it was also light because all the same it is very strong the largest of the least predators That much surprises me so please do something for the spino

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And yes there is gen 2 but it would be good to exchange stats and rarity

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If we change spinosaurus’ stats then that means we have to change spinoraptor’s stats. If spinosaurus becomes a legendary then spinoraptor becomes a legendary hybrid. Just because a spinosaurus beat a trex in jp3 doesn’t mean spino needs to be a legendary like trex


Yeah if you go by the logic of strong=high rarity a lot of creatures should be higher or lower rarities. I mean a tiny velociraptor can one-shot a massive argentinosaurus.



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As the resident Spinosaurus fanatic i still don’t get why spino is a super rare but suchomimus is a legendary, would it have really been hard to switch them before the release of the game?

But 4 years later there’s nothing that can be done about that early decision, I am satisfied with the spino gen 2 and that’s it.


Spino Gen 2 is stronger than both T-Rex, I think it’s good that way


Velociraptor, Trike, Stego, Dilo, etc are all under rarities of that of some if the lesser known legendary dinos.

Almost as if it doesn’t matter, and Ludia wanted known dinos across all rarities?

Geez y’all making mountains out if molehills :roll_eyes:

Not by choice.

Spino Gen 2 is a tournament, whereas Trex Gen 2 is just a legendary.

Because Ludia wanted consistency among the Indoraptors, they didn’t know what direction to take the gen 2s when they first proposed thr ideas. thus Trex and Velociraptor are the only non-tournament Gen 2s.

Just wondering, they decided to have popular Dinos all across the rarites, whether that is good or bad and can’t be changed any longer but I don’t think it hurts to wonder ‘why?’

Because this is a dinosaur game and playing with your favorite dinosaur is fun, so why not make the fan favorites higher rarities so that they could use it for a longer period of gameplay.

Well that’s my opinion.


I think they put the well known dinosaurs across all rarities so that earlier game players dont have to wait a long time before they get to use the dinosaurs they like eg.: pachyceph, trike or dilo with them being rare and common.

i also thought about this and i think it does in a way matter for the movie fans. and as shallow of a problem this is, i was really upset about this for awhile as a fellow jp movie fanatic lmao.

though i think this is why they did the gen2s for the players who have felt this way about those famous dinos. so that those lesser rare dinos would have value thus making them tournament. at least thats why i think they did.