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Spino’s rhymes

Just some rhymes I can do. (You can post your rhymes here too)

Suchopteirus, oh suchopteirus, Lend us your power, Let us speed up Your Recovery By one hour, Let us burn Ostapo together… oh suchopteirus, oh suchopteirus, me , you, and the world…

Ostopa the great, Ostopa the great, Her beauty will make You want to listen to an opera, oh Ostopa, Dominate the Tournament Carnivores!

Yudon Ze mighty, Get ready for a fighty, Your facing yudon ze mighty… nowhere to run… Not away from the 10,000+ health, at least! She’ssa a beast! Your her feast… Just sacrifice it all because ur nothing but a ball!

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Do something like Indoraptor Indoraptor, you are so overpowered


King Kapro the great, Oh Your health, Oh your wealth, Oh Your power, Unfortunately Your recovery time is more than an hour! Oh your colors… oh your Features… stands out on all the creatures!

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I’ll try!*


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Oh Indoraptor, your power… Twice as nice as the 10+ health of Yudon Ze Sargent, How do you have more health than an argent (argentinosaurus because they are the biggest Dino) Your attack… Your attack… Brings Fear to the strongest ones in here.

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Gonna try to do it again:

Oh Indoraptor, Gorguschus feels like a coward! Your health is so high, Higher than the sky! Your attack Makes it first place in the race for best attacker, All the way up in space!

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You can edit it, you know.
Still these are very good poems

Of yeah sorry about that.

But anyways, Thanks!

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