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Spinoceratops Concept

I came I with this because Triceratops and Spinosaurus are my two favorite dinos. It’s another bleeder, and a stunner, which wouldn’t survive in our meta, but I’d love it.

Rarity: Legendary
Familiy/Animation: Ceratopsians

Health: 3900
Attack: 1300
Speed: 124
Armor: 15%
Critical: 20%

Decelerating Strike
Lethal Wound
Greater Stunning Rampage
Defense Shattering Rampage
*Swap in Stunning Strike
*Added Immune To DOT and Stuns Cuz Why Not

Just a little concept I’d thought be cool. How would you change it? Leave it in the comments!


What about speed?

124, a bit faster than both but a lot of hybrids don’t make sense

Why did you say that?

Suchotator has nullify and distract, spinonyx has definite and precision and is immune to decel, and purutaurus literally has both distract and precision

Well in that case

Rarity: Epic

Health: 3890

Damage: 1090

Speed: 123

Armor: 20%

Critical: 5%


Long Decelerating Strike

Gashing Wound

Dig in

Greater Stunning Rampage

Passive: Swap in Stunning Strike

That version can be the gen 1’s, mine as the gen 2’s

Cool. I only do stuff that’s related to the game

Well, if it was gen 2 then it’ll have to have different rarity and recipes

It depends on how it’s done, like spinoyx or most creatures

Changed mines to an Epic. If you really want a gen 2 hybrid, then you’re gonna need both gen 2 version of Triceratops and Spinosaurus

I could be done like Dracocera and Spinonyx was done actually, or go like Suchotator and have a gen 1 and gen 2

But Suchomimus doesn’t have a gen 2 version

I mean, there was purrolyth

Edit: NVM, it can be one or the other, I can’t think of any gen 1 or gen 2 hybrids

I think that in the lower arenas is going to do a lot of damage

Cool idea, but what the hell would it look like, @SonicNTGD

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I thought this was because of the Spinosaurus-triceratops error on this week’s event calendar lol.

Here’s a new kit…

Ankyspinotops (Unique, Spinoceratops + Anky G2)

Tank Stats
Armor: 30%
Crit Chance: 5%

Superior Vulnerability Strike
Lethal Wound
Dig In
Long Invincibility
Swap-In Stunning Strike

Bleeder tank, anyone? My good memories of Suchotator are egging me on here.

We can’t have another anky hybrid yet

I drew one before, but it looks like a triceratops with a spine, minor claws, a spino’s jaw (like how monostego looks) and I can’t really describe it much. I’m probably gonna have to draw a new one.